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Classic Series from Mexico wants to compete with much more expensive American...

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Classic from Mexico featured

Sound Now this is the real classic setup from Fender from the 50s, with 3 single coils. The only thing that is different from the real oldy is the 5-way switch, but why not use the nice in between settings.
Played clean you really get the nice Fender Sound that so many people have become to love. There is enough twang and the middle positions sound very nicely and blend in.
When played distorted the single coils pick up a good amount of noise, the sound is very good still (very Blackmoore'ish) but the noise really bothers me. Maybe some more modern "vintage style" noise cancelling options or Lace Sensors would help this puppy.
Of course overall if you want the classic sound, this is what you get and this guitar really delivers it.

Action, Fit, & Finish The overall finish is quite decent and the rare vintage color of my test modell (Daphne Blue) is very nice. Now for some downsides, the neck joint has a decent amount if spacing between the neck and the body. Of course nothing moves from the factory as it seems to be screwed in tightly, but this could become a problem later in the guitars life.
The V-shape of the neck again is not for everyone. I found it quite OK and playable, the neck finish also feels quite good, even though there seems to be a good amount of coating on it.
The tone and volume pots are quite poor and have a sticky feel to them, on close looking they also vary in height a bit.
The trem is decent for a vintage trem, but I would not recommend doing to fancy trem stuff with it. The tuners are mediocre and do not hold the tuning very well if you work the trem to hard (which is to be expected).
So I had to open it up and look for myself how the wiring goes. Well it gets the job done and everything is soldered on OK, but the wiring of course is not as good as on American models and even the low cost Yamaha Pacifica beats this Mexican in this category.
On the other hand, the action and fretwork in the guitar is very good and the fingerboard has a very nice feel.
So summing it up, the guitar is OK for the price tag, but I have seen better. Of course it has the image plus for being a Fender and delivering the sound really nicely.

Reliability & Durability Seems OK built, but I have my doubts about the neck joint. (This may be only on my test modell, so please watch out and look for to much spacing when you intend to buy one...)

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it + Spot on vintage sound
+ Neck feeling
+ Color

Didn't like - Wiring and pots
- neck joint
- Mediocre trem and tuners

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By Tank
Feb 10, 2010
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