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Framus Diablo 7

7-string solid body guitar.

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7-string heaven

Sound This was the first Framus 7-string I had in my hands and also a long time since I had a Framus. Now of course plug it in and play, what is the sound?

This thing has THE TONE. It is really good and I mean WOW. The Seymore Duncans do an excellent job and the sustain, response etc. from this guitar is just jaw dropping. No matter if you play it from clean to the heaviest distortion (even at my insane DualRec all the way setting) you get instant response, excellent tonal differentiation and a hammering sound. Even the 7th low string never gets mushy and stays responsive all the way through.

This guitar is a real match for my long trusted UV and 1527 and I am really tempted to keep it. Ok the price is not really cheap, but you get the bang for the buck. This thing is really high end. (Ok it stop drooling now.)

Action, Fit, & Finish Setup and finish were near to perfect. Just a little tuning to fit my personal taste and this thing plays like a dream. Mine had a darker "nova" finish and the wood beneath was just amazing to look at. The craftmanship that went into this guitar is really amazing and definately beats many much more expensive and praised guitar companies. Framus is definitely a company I will have to take a closer look at. As this beauty really took me off guard and I fell in love...

Reliability & Durability Only (sadly) had it for a week, but it is really really well built.

Customer Support No dealings with them.

Liked about it + Sound
+ Playability
+ Built Quality
+ Looks
+ Pickups

Didn't like nothing to report here...

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
May 10, 2010
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