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Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard Plain Top VOS Faded Tobacco

A reissue of the 1958 Les Paul with plain top and "Vintage Original Specification" parts and aging.

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THE Les Paul to get if you don't have the $$$ for the '59. featured

Sound In reality, this guitar is quite similar to the coveted 1959 model. The frets are a little smaller and the neck is a little thicker, but the tone that comes out of it is nevertheless pure Les Paul rock 'n roll joy. I know that the "standard" Les Paul setup is to use .010 strings, but I put D'Addario .009's on mine and I love both the sound and the feel. Just like with the '59, the sound with the 1974X or the Vintage Modern is the history of rock 'n roll. I'll try to post an MP3 with these once my Marshall Haze 40 arrives today!

Action, Fit, & Finish Perfect--again, anything Gibson Custom after 2008 goes through the PLEK process so it plays wonderfully. Also, I wasn't actually looking for a Faded Tobacco finish, but this particular guitar has some mojo to it that is hard to explain. You just gotta play it to understand.

Reliability & Durability This is a solid piece of wood. Has the VOS finish so appears slightly aged.

Customer Support Outstanding--all the customer support reps at Gibson Custom sound genuinely happy to talk about their products.

Liked about it Tone and sustain for weeks...
Beautiful finish for a "Plain Top"

Didn't like They changed the case from the historic case, but I'll live.

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By racerevlon
Dec 17, 2009
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