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Ibanez ARZ307 7-string Electric Guitar

This 7-string weapon has a mahogany body and mahogany ARZ-7 set neck for tons of resonant bite that's captured by dual AH-37 humbuckers. The Full-Tune III-7 ensures lock-solid tuning to last through the most rigorous workout.

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Solid, versatile, affordable 7 string

Sound I purchased this guitar with the need of a fixed bridge 7 string guitar that would work well both in modern rock situations and when playing traditional jazz and bebop. I also needed a fixed bridge so I could drop the B down to an A for learning how to play the solos of the late great George Van Eps. In all of these areas the guitar has held up admirably. Particularly considering the low price. With the volume and tone rolled back the neck pickup gave a warm and articulate sound that's wonderful for playing jazz tunes out of the real book. At band practice the guitar was able to churn out modern high gain chunk with vim and vigor. In a word: versatile. I've used this guitar with both my orange tiny terror head into a fender 4x12 cabinet and my Marshall class 5 combo. The strings I've been using with it are ernie ball beefy slinkys (.11-.52) with a .70 added from a pack of GHS boomers for the low B.

Action, Fit, & Finish the guitar was originally set up with a set of .9s with a particularly light low B. I've never been able to play well on a fixed bridge instrument with light strings, particularly with shorter scale lengths (this guitar has a 25" scale.) Despite this it felt great immediately. Action was comfortable but didn't feel intangible and the black finish with cream binding is both elegant and menacing. I just recently found out that they released a new model that has a flame maple top with transparent black finish. Had I known, I would have held out.

Reliability & Durability Like just about anything Ibanez makes, this guitar will go the distance. Built very well.

Customer Support I've never had anything Ibanez makes crap out on me, so I've never had to deal with them.

Liked about it Great feel, look and playability. Highly versatile. Great sound.

Didn't like Apparently Dimarzio designed the stock pickups. They sound fantastic, save for one problem that may be specific to my particular instrument. I get some pretty serious microphonic feed back from this guitar at high gain. I'm currently wrestling with the dilemma of whether or not to try and get the pickups repaired or to spring for a new set, because despite this fact they are really good stock pickups.

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By Jemwielder
Jan 31, 2012
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