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Ibanez AX7221 7 String Guitar

Get extra crunch and thicker chords with an added low B string with the Ibanez AX7221 Electric Guitar. This straightforward 7-string features the AX body style in mahogany, a standard bridge, medium frets, and 2 Axis humbucker pickups. A simple, very effective Ibanez guitar. -

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Ibanez AX7221

Sound The sound on this guitar is okay. I've played A LOT better, and I've played A LOT worse. The tone is good for the price of the guitar (i got it for $212). It's got a beefy tone to it, but no where near the RG7321. I run this through a Fender Fm100h and a crate cab with celestion v30's in it. I also practice with a Roland 30x Cube, usually on the recto setting. i used Ernie Ball 7 Power Slinkys (58-48-38-28-18-14-11).

Reliability & Durability Its a tough guitar, ill give it that. I don't think i would play without a backup though. there are a few, i wouldn't say problems, but more of issues with some hardware. Such as: the tone know screw loosening,same with the input jack screw. Nothing major though.

Liked about it 1. It's pretty light-weight.
2. Fairly good chunky sound.
3. ehh, that's about it..

Didn't like 1. The body shape. (I realized the shape when i ordered it, but I didn't think it'd be a problem, it's obnoxious.)
2. it only has 22 frets.
3. Cheap hardware.

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By eyebahnez
May 09, 2011
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