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Ibanez Artcore AF75 HollowBody Electric Guitar

This is a BEAUTIFUL and inexpensive Full Hollow Body guitar with a huge range of tones on tap.

Price: $248 to $248 at 1 stores
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Never thought I liked hollow-body... Until now!! featured

Sound Not surprisingly, I have a story about this guitar too. I went into a local Guitar Center looking for an advertised BC Rich Mockingbird on sale. I saw this guitar sitting on a stand and was struck by its good looks. I picked it up, sat down, and started strumming. Four hours later I had forgotten all about the Mockingbird and was paying for the AF75. I love the way it sounds unplugged--acoustic tones without waking the neighbours. Plugged in, I was blown away by the range that the ACH pickups were capable of producing. In the store, I played it through an Egnater Tourmaster half-stack and the guitar made even THAT amp sound good. (Not a big fan of the Tourmaster). Everything from nice cleans to crunchy overdrives. (The Tourmaster really doesn't do high-gain all that well.) When I got it home, it just got better--My main rig consists of a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MK II into a 4 x 12 with Vintage 30's, a Marshall JVM410H into a 4 x 12 with Jensen 60's, a Hughes & Kettner Switchblade into a custom-made 4 x 12 with Celestion G12T-50's, and a not-to-be-mentioned stereo rig that goes into a stereo 4 x 12 split down the middle with a G12T-75 in the top and a Vintage 30 in the bottom. All of these amps are run at the same time and are MIDI-controlled. There isn't a sound under the sun I can't get with this guitar and my setup. Sounds just as well through any of my combos or even through modeling software. Access to the higher frets is slightly limited by the design but this guitar is made more for big chording rather than high-up-the-neck soloing. Make no mistake though, jazz runs up and down the neck are NO problem.

Action, Fit, & Finish This guitar required no setup whatsoever, even from being on the Guitar Center floor. I was extremely impressed and the blue burst finish is gorgeous without being over-the-top.

Reliability & Durability This guitar is rock-solid--I built a TKL case for it and it never lets me down--stays in tune extremely well.

Customer Support Never had to deal with customer support.

Liked about it Beautiful color and finish.
Introduced me to the world and tone of Hollow-Body guitars.
Stock pickups are great and don't require changing.

Didn't like No supplied case.
Hard to get to the higher frets.

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By racerevlon
Jan 15, 2010
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Price: $248 to $248
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