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Ibanez JPM 100 Petrucci Signature Model

John Petrucci signature Ibanez from the mid to late 90s when he still had a deal with the best guitar manufacturer in the world :)

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One of the best signature models ever made

Sound I LOVE the sound of the JPM model guitars. I've played the newer Petrucci stuff and I like it, but I still prefer the sound of the original Ibanez sig models with the DiMarzio Air Norton and Steve's Special pickups.

I also really like the switching setup. The split position you get with the 3-way is unlike any split position I've heard before. There's some history on that switch (I think you can still get it from DiMarzio)... if memory serves me correctly it taps the coils in parallel or something like that.

Each of the humbuckers does about everything you'd ever want a DiMarzio to do, but then the split position gives you a really cool tone too.

I use the split position in this guitar more than I use any of the single coil sounds in any of my other Ibanez models. Great crunch from the bridge position, outstanding liquid solo tone from the neck position... just an all-around great sounding guitar!

Action, Fit, & Finish I bought this used through Rich Harris at Ibanez Rules, so of course it came set up perfectly!!!

Reliability & Durability This is a 1997 model that I bought in the early 2000s (maybe 2001?). I've never had any issues with it at all. The hardware has held up great, the frets have held up well. This is one my main "go-to" guitars so it's seen dozens of gigs and hundreds of rehearsals across several bands in different genres. A very well made instrument.

Customer Support I've only ever contacted Ibanez with general questions and they've been very responsive/helpful.

Liked about it 1) The feel - I love the feel of this neck profile (a bit thicker than RGs... closer to the original Jems) and I also like the bound fingerboard.
2) The sound - the tones I get out of this guitar are incredible.
3) The reliability - I've had this beauty for a really long time and it's served me very well.

Didn't like About the only thing I can say is some people aren't in love with the graphics. The P1 and P2 are a little easier to tell what the design is due to the use of more colors (but of course those are very brightly colored guitars). The P3 with only two colors (ivory and black) it can be a bit tough for people in the audience to tell what the graphic is supposed to be (which generates conversation if nothing else).

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By djrjems
Jul 07, 2012
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