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Ibanez Mikro GRGM21 (3/4 size mini) Featured

The little Mikro puts out sound way beyond its size'which is why, in just a few short years, it's become one of the most popular guitars in the history of Ibanez. Perfect for young rockers on the way up or seasoned road warriors on the tour bus. For 2009, the mighty Mikro series includes left-handed models, and vibrant colors and maple fretboards inspired by the classi... - * The first ibanez compact guitar - * 22.2" scale neck ofers low tension and small size - * Perfect for beginners - * Same warranty, high quality and careful set-up as Ibanez full-size grg and grx models -

Price: $74 to $317 at 15 stores
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Astonishing quality for a mini guitar at this price featured

Sound I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed by this guitar. Really! The humbucking only pickups actually sounded good... clean, distorted and in-between. They responded nicely to the volume knob allowing you to dial down the punch easily (kids probably should focus on the guitar not amp settings at the early stages IMHO). Features a 3-way switch (neck only, both humbuckers pickups, bridge only) which is handy. Features a useful tone knobs that allow for even more variations in your tone & soundscape directly from the guitar.

Action, Fit, & Finish Excellent fit & finish. This guitar has a very nice - and comfortable - bridge & very good tuners, matching that of adult guitars priced much higher. IMHO these are crucial elements as the guitar is worthless if it can't hold intonation or it's tuning. How can you learn music & melody with notes of the fretboard haphazardly going flat & sharp? The headstock has D/G & B/E string trees due to make up for the shallow-angled headstock. I could hardly put this thing down as it was effortless to play. Sure it's made in China, but as expected from a genuine Ibanez it has a professional fit & finish. The string thru-body bridge will make for quick string changes and even more crucial... each string of the bridge is fully adjustable for action (up/down height off the body using an allen wrench) and intonation (sliding forward/back using hex screwdriver). Very niiiiiiiice.

Reliability & Durability Kids don't gig but given it's fit & finish it should be quite durable (and able to withstand abuse). Once setup guitar maintains complete tuning stability. I'm really astonished at the quality of this guitar.

Customer Support Factory Ibanez Warranty. No worries.

Liked about it Everything. See a more detailed review with buying experience & other 3/4 size mini electric guitar models considered here:

Didn't like Lack of color choices, especially for girls. For the audience at this age if it fails to appeal to them visually it probably means no sale. Luckily the competition also lacks variety & color choices. The model with Shark inlays need to be retired by Ibanez (remain in the 80s).

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By jemsite
Dec 31, 2009
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Price: $74 to $317
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