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Ibanez PGM301

ibanez paul gilbert model 301, PGM301

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Ibanez PGM301

Sound The Ibanez PGM301 is a very solid guitar. Built very solidly. The guitar comes with the stock Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck and bridge which (was) Paul Gilbert's preference. The guitar has a natural twangyness which I think Paul Gilbert prefered, seeing as how he's a man of the 80s. I used to run my PGM301 into a Peavey Bandit and now run it through my Mesa Boogie Mark IV and the tone is HUGE. The PAF Pro combo really is great; with the bridge being thick and solid yet having a bit of twang, while the neck is smooth, which is perfect for solos. I would like to note that although I mostly play metal, I use my PGM for instrumental rock/shred/rock/hard rock/jazz.

Action, Fit, & Finish When I got my PGM, it arrived with a fairly poor setup. I took it to my local guitar shop and they set it up and they didnt really do a great job. When I brought the guitar home I had a fiddle with the bridge myself and lowered the action to my liking. Now it sounds great!

Reliability & Durability My PGM301 is HIGHLY reliable. Crafted by Team J. Craft in Japan, the guitar has been in my possession for almost 2 years now. I have used it for a few gigs and school concerts (back when I went).

Customer Support Have not used.

Liked about it 1) Beautiful construction/craftsmanship
2) Twangy yet thick tone in bridge pickup, smooth in neck pickup
3) Looks pretty

Didn't like 1) Only in my head, but I personally cant use my PGM301 for anything but drop D, E standard or Eb Standard. It's a Paul Gilbert thing for me.

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By Arterial
Aug 18, 2010
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Price: $712 to $712
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