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Ibanez Premium RG920QM

For 2011, we offer the new Premium series of guitars designed for hardworking musicians. These guitars are for players who push their guitars to the fullest every night on stage and who demand real professional quality instruments, both functionally and visually. - RG PREMIUM SERIES BASICS - Made at Ibanez Premium factory, built to Prestige model quality standards - Specially rounded Premium fret edges for smooth play and comfortable neck grip - Premium grade, select woods - Wizard Premium neck has same construction and thickness as Prestige Wizard - High-end DiMarzio and CAP-VM pickups - Ultimate tuning stability with Edge-Zero II bridge/tremolo w/ZPS 3 - The Wizard neck on RG Premium models is following the same playability and comfort on its Prestige counterpart. - The Edge-Zero II bridge with ZPS3Fe. Installation of the Zero Point System in the Edge Zero II makes tuning easier and faster as well as providing stable tuning for long performances, all while maintaining smooth tremolo playing. Loss of tuning is kept to a minimum, even when a string breaks. For players that prefer a full floating system, simply remove the stop bar. - DiMarzio® ibz pickups were made by DiMarzio® specially for Ibanez. The tone is vivid but easy to control to your sonic requirement. - Our luthiers' insane attention to detail is evidenced by the Premium's hand-rolled fret edges. This slow, demanding process makes for a smooth, fast playing neck.

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The RG920QM will make you a believer. featured

Sound I should start this review by saying I've defended Indonesian made Ibanez guitars for a while. They are great guitars for the price. I WAS, however, skeptical when the Premium line was introduced. J Custom quality from an Indonesian shop??? I needed proof.
First off, this guitar sounds GREAT! The stock pickups in this sound awesome! I, honestly, tried this guitar out at the store and didn't buy it but if I did I wouldn't change the stock Dimarzio/IBZ pickups out. Saying they sound like a grittier version of the Breed's is pretty accurate for the bridge. The guitar also sounded nice and smooth on the neck pickup with nice jangly single/split tones in the middle positions. All around the guitar sounds great off the wall on clean and dirty channels. I tried this out in a Marshall MG with no effects other than the amps high gain distortion. The basswood body has a nice resonance typical of any other RG.

Action, Fit, & Finish The neck on this guitar is great. Off the rack the setup sucked, as expected at a Sam Ash, but the guitar was fairly close to being in tune. I don't know how many kids have been pounding on this guitar but it was fairly playable in the store. The finish on the frets is nice; almost J Custom quality but not exactly. The neck in general is probably one of the best qualities on this guitar. The Premium Wizard neck is like a nice hybrid of Wizard III (f.k.a. Wizard II) and the Prestige Wizard. Indeed it matches Prestige Wizard dimensions across the board except for the radius which is the 400mm of a Wizard 3.
The Edge Zero 2 is nice. Not as nice as Edge Pro, LoPro Edge, or Original Edge but it's adequate. It seems far and away better than Edge 3, though I'd have to own this guitar for a few months to properly attest to that. EZ2 seems a tad stiff but okay. I don't go nuts on the trem anyway.
The veneer is not that great. It looks gorgeous (I tried the red one) from a few feet away but it's not the best quilt veneer ever once you get up close. There also seemed to be a few spots of bleed through on the binding from the red finish. I don't know how that works but there were a few specks of red on the borders of the binding where it meets the red quilted top.
The headstock and tuning machines seemed okay. The standard set-in input jack is nice as opposed to the typical one seen on Indo's that screw in on an oval plate.
The WORST part about this guitar is the tone and volume knobs. They're sooth but for some reason the pegs seemed bent, making them "wobbly" when you turn them. They weren't vertically centered. I'm not sure if this is something that happened at the factory or in transit.

Reliability & Durability This guitar certainly seems gig worthy. They're definitely better than standard RG's made in Indonesia or China. EZ2 is easily a good choice to replace Edge 3 across the board. It seems good enough to use as a main guitar on a gig.
I'd have to own one for an extended period to determine durability.

Customer Support N/A.

Liked about it Neck.
Stock pickups are awesome!
Overall sound is nice and it looks good.

Didn't like Misaligned volume and tone knobs.
It would be nice to see this guitar with an HSH option while still keeping the Dimarzio/IBZ pickups.
Solid colors would be cool. I'm not huge into quilts but these are nice.

Overall satisfaction:

By mike570
Aug 06, 2011
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Worthy of it's Japanese made brothers! featured

Sound I have added a YouTube channel for all of the review videos I did of this guitar. Please visit my AlaskaBat Jemsite Reviews channel to see the rest of the videos:
The stock DiMarzio/IBZ pickups are the best sounding stock pickups I've ever heard. They sound similar to Breeds, but with a little more bite and grind. When played unplugged, the guitar has a nice and warm resonance. There are two humbuckers and they are controlled with a 5-way selector switch, and volume knob, and tone control. In the bottom position, the switch allows the bridge humbucker to operate on it's own. In the second position, the bridge north coil and neck south coil are activated together. In the center position, both humbuckers are working together. In the fourth position, the neck humbucker is operating in parallel mode. In the fifth position, the neck humbucker is operating in it's full power. I tested my RG920QM through my Carvin Legacy head driving two TubeWorks 2x12 cabinets. For the sake of the review, I ran the guitar dry into the Legacy. I tested it in through the clean channel first with all of the amp's EQ knobs evened out at 5. All pickup modes sounded very sweet clean. The bridge humbucker was bright and powerful and the neck was warm and punchy. I especially like the jangle sound of the center position. Next, I switched over to the lead channel to test the guitar out with some overdrive. I had my treble on 8, mid on 6, bass on 7, and presence on 10. Again, all of the pickup selections sounded great! After trying this monster out dry, I just had to hear it pumping my amp with some pedals. I tried my Keeley DS-1, Boss SD-1 (Japanese), Boss SD-1 (Taiwan), and my Ibanez Jemini. I was not disappointed with any of the sounds I got. I was seriously considering swapping the stock pickups out for some DiMarzios, but have changed my mind--these sound as good as the DiMarzios I have in the rest of my Ibbies.

RG920QMpart1.wmv (video)

RG920QMpart2.wmv (video)

RG920QMpart3.wmv (video)

Action, Fit, & Finish My RG920QM came setup from Rich Harris of, so it was ready to go right out of the box. The action is nice and low--like any RG should be. The back of the neck has a light finish on it, but has the feel of an unfinished neck. The neck fits snug in the pocket and everything is lined up straight as an arrow. The finish is just gorgeous--I've got the High Voltage Violet. The quilted maple has a nice 3-D, popping out look to it. The maple body, neck, and headstock binding add a nice touch of class to this guitar--and I'm not usually a fan of any binding. The ball ended frets add another touch of class. I really like the new truss rod covers Ibanez has started to put on their guitars. Gone are the days of removing the three screws to access the truss rod. Now we just slide the cover over to the right to get to it. The Edge Zero 2 is another surprise! I'm a fan of the Origina, LoPro, and Edge Pro models, and was dreading the thought that these Zeroes would be similar to the crappy Edge III--I was wrong. The Edge Zero 2 is built tough, has nice solid knife edges, and stays in tune through the craziest of whammy work. And that brings me to the next feature--the Zero Point System. Most folks scoff at these and say they're junk. Rich told me that mine was the only one he'd seen that actually returns the trem to the zero position. I haven't had to adjust it yet.

Reliability & Durability As with all higher-end Ibbies, I'm sure this one will serve me well over the years. This will be my main guitar, and all of my other RGs just took a backseat to this one.

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it Everything! I love the finish--that quilted maple purple is to die for. The other colors are pretty spectacular too. I'm amazed that this Indonesian built Ibanez holds it's own against it's Japanese brothers. The Edge Zero 2 is a great trem. I love the typical low action I expect from an RG. The included softcase has plenty of storage pockets and the top one has a hole for headphones. It also has backpack straps with a waist support strap. Ibanez also included a Premium labeled multi-tool for any adjustments needed. The pickups are the best stock pups I've ever heard.

Didn't like Nothing, except maybe the addition of a hardcase--but the included softcase is strong and has plenty of storage.

Overall satisfaction:

By AlaskaBat
Mar 14, 2011
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