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Ibanez RG320FM AM

Infamous RG model by Ibanez - Egde III low pro equipped - flame maple on top of Basswood with a Wizard II maple neck - Amber colour Cosmo Black Hardware - Price (AUD 998) -

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Affordable and sounds right for an RG featured

Sound It sound just right for an Rg with the original pups and yea..with a fine tuning on the preamps and all that should sound better if you throw in some aftermarket pups...with the originals as it is it sound muddy after a while of playing.. well it s a good sounding guitar for its standard... i play a bit of everything.. mostly progressive/metal and heavy tunes.. so i hunger for more tones and outputs.. this guitar gave me only up to 60-70% of wat i wanted it to sound like.. my guitar is connected to my rig that consist of cry baby wah -korg dtr 1000- vamp pro- tc Gmajor and to a peavey supreme 100w head or 112 express combo.

Action, Fit, & Finish i bought this Rg 4yrs ago... usually everytime i buy guitars i want it to be professionally set up, before i bring it home.. the RG being an original its just perfect.. lucky me i didnt get a lemon..

Reliability & Durability My Rg is still intact i would get it professionally serviced after every gigs or intensive playing.. i could depend on this guitar ut then again i always have backups.. for rainy days :) ibanezes have a thick clear coatings .. but then the hardware.. cosmo black its worn out from sweats and years of playing.. well its wear n tear it s normal.. the springs now have to be change a nd i think i might be installing Gotoh tuners on it and even the tone pots and vol pots needs an upgrade

Customer Support Nope, i never deal with them about my Rg but i did email them once and they were pretty helpful..

Liked about it I like the body and hardware colour and i always love Rg bodies
its equipped with edge III

Didn't like After awhile the pups sounds so muddy and dull and have to be upgraded

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By mar01
Oct 12, 2009
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