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Ibanez RG2550MZ

RG Tremolo models stand up to the most abusive whammy bar users around, while still maintaining perfect tuning stability. Lightning fast fretboard work is no problem with RGtremolo the Wizard neck, flat fingerboard and jumbo frets. - Ibanez RG2550MZ Features: - - * neck type: 5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck - * body: Basswood body - * fret: Jumbo frets - * bridge: Edge-Zero bridge w/ZPS3 - * neck pu: DiMarzio? IBZ-N (H) neck pu - * middle pu: DiMarzio? IBZ-S (S) mid pu - * bridge pu: DiMarzio? IBZ-B (H) bridge pu - * hardware color: Cosmo Black

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Most underrated, most versitile guitar probably ever featured

Sound Previous to this guitar, I owned an ibanez SZR which I hated due to its heavy and thick neck so it turned me off Ibanez. However, a few years after I bought a USA Fender Telecaster, although I loved the way it played, and how it looked, the sound was balanced but lacking bottom end (I have since found out that it was due to the stock pickups being a bit crap) but I had a go on a few guitars just for the crack. One was a JEM 7V, although i liked it, the price was far too much and I'm not fond of using signature guitars. I saw this RG2550MZ in its white with gold flake beauty. I had to have a go and I fell in love from that moment, snapped her up for a tidy £800 ($1230).I still use this guitar to this very day.

The sound of this guitar is amazing, The sound is like no other Ibanez I've played. The sound of the neck is like an Ibanez mixed with a Telecaster. Its amazing on cleans, it gives you that sparkling top end, whilst giving out a tight, bottom end on the overdrives and crunches, the neck sings for lead solos its amazing!

The Bridge offers a lot grit, on clean it can give you that great 60s Surf sound, then on overdrive it will give you sharp tight distortion that's precise and not muddy at all.

My one complaint is that the middle pickup is fairly muddy making it not pristine clean but a muddy thin clean good for stuff like Indie and Ska. But the middle pickups great for distortion, it enables you to slip into the band a bit better if you want to hide yourself a little more

N.B I used a fender 65' Twin for the clean, and a mesa boogie single rectifier for crunch and more

Action, Fit, & Finish Perfect. The action is dead low and screams sustain. Its amazing, the fit, is great too, all the parts are dead tight and perfect, and the finish, WOW it dances, the gold flake in the white gives it a 3D appearance, especially when a stage light hits it! It was great out the box!

Now, here's the part that a lot of you might have been looking for in-particular for; The Edge zero trem.

Well its a good tremolo. Great even. If your a heavy tremolo user I couldn't suggest a better tremolo it stays in tune like a dream, and if you do snap a top e string it doesn't knock it completely out. However for people like me who do not use the trem that much, its overkill. The problem being, a person like me would normally fit a tremol-no (For those that don't know what it is, its a device you fit where the springs in your guitar go that stop the tremolo moving like it should essentially turning it into a hardtail). BUT you CANNOT FIT ANY TREMOL-NO DEVICES on an edge zero. Just to make that clear. The only thing you can do it stick pieces of wood in the cavity to stop the tremolo block moving which I did. And it works a treat.

Reliability & Durability Reliable as hell, over the last year my 2550 has had a lot of dings and chips and it road worn, but works like a treat. Although I had one problem with it where the tone completely vanished. I found out one of the wires in the guitar had wiggled loose form too much volume knob abuse (Gotta love volume swells =P) and was touching the side of the guitar. Apparently the black cavity paint ibanez use is conductible, so if any part of your guitars electronics touch the side, its all connected. So be warned! Wasn't a major problem, took 30secs to fix. It wasn't really Ibanez's fault so I'll let it slide.

Customer Support Good! I rang them up once for a part, they replied very well and were very helpful.

Liked about it The sound is great, really versatile and really bright. This sound is usable for just about anything!
Looks amazing, the finish is perfect
Amazing setup, straight out the box
AMAZING neck, the unfinished maple neck and maple fretboard feels perfect.
Great hardcase that came with it! (One little complaint about it)
so easy to play, it practically plays itself!
Quite unique

Didn't like the middle pickup, its a bit muddy for clean
Might take a small while (And a few blisters) To totally get used to Ibanez's thin, necks and wide fret boards.
The Edge Zero, only because I cannot fit a tremol-no to it.
The case does not have much room to store things in (Not a worry for a professional who keeps his cables in boxes, but if your popping out with it to a small event, small recording session, you cannot fit much in the case.)
Because of the humbuckers, its not as dynamic as a single pickup, but its still pretty dynamic

To Sum up, This guitar is suited for.... Everyone! Seriously, don't let the Floyd Rose style tremolo scare you, its nothing like a tradition Floyd rose. This guitar WILL do everything, pristine clean, muddy blues, ska, indie, to metal, death metal, doom metal and anything else that ends with metal or core. And everything in-between.

Although, what will scare the bedroom players away is the price, but I know bedroom players who have forked out for PRS and Suhr...

But what I need to mention the most about this guitar is the playability. You can really bond with this guitar and it will just flow perfectly, im serious, throw away your £3000 PRS, your custom shop Fenders, your Gibson's and your Suhr (Especially the Suhr, they're Soulless) and get one of these Ibanez, any from the 2xxx 3xxx ranges and your life will be complete. This is not bias, this is based on years of struggle and what I have been through with other makes.I even own an American made ibanez RG, which was very hard to get and this guitar is seriously close

a 5 because you CAN truly use it for anything, and its quite unique. The Edge Zero is just too small a niggle to degrade the other HUGE awesome factors of this guitar.

Your's complete
Big The Cat

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By Big The Cat
Jan 08, 2011
Last updated: January 11, 2011
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