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Ibanez RGA8 Featured

Ibanez RGA8 8-string Electric Guitar - mahogany body, 5-piece bolt-on Wizard II-8 maple/walnut neck, rosewood fretboard, 24 jumbo thomann frets, dot inlays, fixed Edge III-8 bridge, Ibanez LZ8-N (neck) & LZ8-B (bridge) humbucker pickups, black hardware, 685.8mm scale, includes gig bag and strap. Colour: Black

Price: $71 to $659 at 5 stores
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Bad, very bad featured

Sound The sound of this guitar (running it through my Line6 HD147) is quite rich. I heard a lot of bad things about the sound of the pups, but they're good enough for me. Even though the sound of Line6 is often referred to dull and only presets, this is a lie! I play death metal and djent (duh, why else an 8-string). I use D'Addario strings, gauges .072; .056; .044; .034; .024; .016; .011; .009, and they give enough crisp in the sound, though still maintaining a good mellow clean sound, since this guitar with its low tuning also performs quite well within jazz.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar was set up horribly or maybe not even. The strings were too thin to play, so I immediately replaced them with my own gauges. The bridge is from the RG2228, but since the radius of the RG2228 is different from the RGA8 (400 mm to 430 mm) it had dull strings and poor action in the outside strings, and too low action in the middle strings. The pickups were fine though.

Reliability & Durability I don't have this guitar for 6 months or more, but I can tell you that it isn't reliable at all. The bridge (Edge-III 8 fixed) popped out of the wood when I tuned my guitar. After 1 month. I've read about these horror stories on teh interwebz, but I was already planning on getting it customized.

Customer Support Didn't deal with them

Liked about it 1. It has 8 strings

2. The neck is very comfortable, not even the (in my opinion) horrible D shape of the 6 string Ibanez', but a very nice feeling, somewhat thicker C/D hybrid shape.

3. The sound is very nice and chunky, and there's a little mud in the pickups, but I like that.

Didn't like 1. The bridge, they need to fix it, because it maybe a cheaper version of an RG2228, it's still 800 dollars or 700 euros.

That was everything I dislike about it, but I think this counts at least as 5. If you want a solid and well made 8 string, go for an Agile, or a higher end Ibanez or Esp Ltd. I'm giving this a 1, simply because it isn't very much fun to find out your guitar is fucked up during playing, because the bridge pops out.

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Aug 10, 2011
Last updated: October 31, 2011
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Price: $71 to $659
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