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Ibanez RGT 2020

Ibanez RGT2020 Electric Guitar - Specifications: - - Ultra Prestige (neck-thru) - 5pc. Maple/ Bubinga Neck Material - Mahogany Body - 24/Jumbo frets - Rosewood Finger Board - Edge Pro bridge - DiMarzio IBZ (H) Neck PU - DiMarzio IBZ (H) Bridge PU - Abalone Off-Set Dot Inlay - VC : Hardware Color

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Ibanez RGT-2020 SOL featured

Sound This guitar is not that usual RG, that people see in stores, webstores all the time. The specs are different from a normal RG. Mahogany body, neckthrough constuction, Ultra Prestige neck, etc.. I have to say, its a bit more spicy. This gives, the sound is different too from the popular RG-s, that feature basswood body, wizard bolt on neck. The first thing, that i noticed, the bottom end is tighter, the mids are focused and the highs are crispy. The basswood bodied RG-s sound a bit humming and muddy comparing this RGT. Also i feel sometimes a darkish side of the tone (especially when clean), but that might be just my setup.
It came from factory with Dimarzio/IBZ humbuckers. We all know, they are the "lets leave them in the guitar, untill i get my favourite pair of pups so i can bring the guitar down to the rehearsal room and show to the guys, what i got this time!" stock microphones. After i took them out, i loaded the instrument with Seymour Duncan AHB-2 in bridge and EMG-85 in neck. Now it sounds extremely aggressive and crystal clean, if i want. I decided near this pickups, coz im tuning down to C-standard and drop Bd and this mix of actives can handle those crunchy low notes very very well! Clean, rich, tasty-juicy and accurate chords, notes, pitch harmonics. Lots and lots of sustain, propably comes from the construction of the guitar and the hight quality woods of the neck (maple/bubinga) and body.(I use this guitar with an ENGL Fireball, Framus 2X12 loaded with Celestion G12H annyv., Bad Monkey for boost and few other pedals)

Action, Fit, & Finish In the name of the model RGT the T stands for the neckthrough. It allows you to reach the highes frets easier then on a bolt on, or setneck guitar. Nowdays RG´s have AANJ neckjoint, actually thats quite nice too.
The neck on this axe is an Ultra Prestige neck, which is 2mm thicker at 1st fret and 1mm shorter in width at nut than the Wizard. I thought first, its not as fast neck as a wizard, but its chunkier, so it handles thicker gauge strings better. Its not bending easily. Well something for something and anyway if you play it, you get used to it, so it will feel later as fast as the wizard, that you played earlier. The action is very low, the frets are excellent quality and dressed well from factory. Very smooth player. The fretboard is rosewood, but on mine its almost as dark as ebony. I never stained it, they selected it that way. The fretmarkers are off-set abalone dots, they look amazing from close.

Reliability & Durability The body and the neck is finished with oil. This guitar is around 8, close to 9 years old, but looks close to new. Not because it was kept so extremely well cared, no! It was giged and brought everywhere, i went it HSC or gigbag and played all the time! It looks great, cos the natural oiled finish wont let you notice and dings or scratches from over 25-30cm, IF you have good eyes! This part is well done!
The hardware and everything else work just fine, i have only a little complaint on the bridge. It is an Edge Pro and i guess it wont last long anymore. Im not an abuser, but the knife edges seem to loose their sharpness and when i spin the trem arm around, it gives a scratchy sound from inside the arm hole. There is a piece of metal screwed to clip and keep the arm in place. This piece scratched the paint off the arm during the years, thats what gives that annoying sound. I´ll replace the arm and problem solved. Maybe the whole bridge.
Trussrod, frets, tuners, everything else will last for an other 10 years for sure! No corrosion at all.

Customer Support Never contacted them.

Liked about it I love the sound of this thing, very versatile. I played from melodic death metal to smooth jazz standards everything on it and never had to put an other guitar in my neck for an other style, cos i managed to get somehow all the sounds out of it, i wanted.
I like the playability, its as good and smooth as any other RG. I like the looks. Every RG is a beauty, but i dig the natural finish a lot. The 5 pcs necks look very sexy to my eyes too! ;)

Didn't like I wish the hardware was black, or cosmo black. Not that the "violet chrome" looks cheap, its just my thing with the black fro hardware..
It is a high end Prestige guitar and quite expensive too (at least the list price was high). Why they couldnt toss a case with it? Its from 2003 and i know, they didnt manufacture the Prestige hard shells yet, but any other case would have been good. I purchased an M100C for it, that costs an extra 100€.
Basically nothing came with it. No tools, just a padded gig bag.

Overall satisfaction:

By irondavidson
Mar 22, 2011
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Loved the feel, couldn't get the sound - ANTF

Sound I had the ash model for years (RGT2020ANTF). I left it stock for a couple years, then I swapped the pickups to the PAF Joe/Mo' Joe combo. I thought the stock pickups were too harsh/brittle. I should state that I've had a hard time with ash body guitars over years... I've only ever met one ash body guitar that I liked the sound of... the rest don't tend to stay in my collection very long.

I've had a couple of sets of the PAF Joe and Mo' Joe combo now... I personally think those pickups are weak (not as good as the old PAF Pro/FRED combo that satch used to use). As much I loved the feel/playability of this guitar, I never could get a sound I liked out of it so I eventually traded it. In general I've always liked mahogany as a tone wood so I would buy another one of these in mahogany if the opportunity presented itself.

Action, Fit, & Finish I got mine used in a trade deal, but I will say this is the best feeling Ibanez I've ever owned. The neck profile was slightly thicker than most prestige models I've played (closer to the signature neck profiles) and fit perfectly in my hand. the fit and finish on this guitar was very good and I found it to be a well balanced instrument. The neck-thru construction made for an even more comfortable neck joint than the AANJ.

Reliability & Durability I had mine for about 4 years and never had any issues with it at all. Note that these don't have a clearcoat on them so they're prone to scratches and dinks... you just have to take a little extra care with them.

Customer Support I've only ever contacted Ibanez for general questions, but they've always been very helpful.

Liked about it The feel... best feeling Ibanez I've every played, period.

Didn't like The sound/tone... I've struggled to get along with neck-thru guitars and also with ash bodies. In my case I just never could get tones out of this model that I was really happy with.

Overall satisfaction:

By djrjems
Jul 07, 2012
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