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Ibanez Rgr421exfm tlb

A great guitar that will fill your every need. it never goes out of tune. you can get it in lavender or black berry burst. it comes stock with the "EMG" made V7 and V8 humbuckers. greqat for all kinds of music but focused on the metal genre. it has a bolt on neck, a fixed bridge, dot inlays, and the amazing reverse headsrock.

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Ibanez Rgr421exfm tlb

Sound The sound of this guitar is just amazing with the right amp. i use a fender frontman and it sounds phenomonal on clean and the V7 and V8 pickups do a good job on distortion but i recomend you change them to different pickups. like if you play metal-EMG 81 and 85 Rock-Dimarzio super distortions Blues- go for thew fender stratocaster pickups and so on.

Action, Fit, & Finish this guitar's set up was perfect out of the box but i got it set up at the store i bought it from.

Reliability & Durability this guitar is gig worthy and proud to say it because i always hear if its below a 500 its not worth the trouble but that is just not true.

Customer Support i havent had any problems to deal with the company.

Liked about it the top 3 things i like about this guitar are 1: the pickups are great for stock 2: the finish is just amazing and 3: the neck is just shred friendly.

Didn't like the top 3 things i dont like about it is 1: doesnt have a whammy and thats about it other wise its an zing guitar.
if you dont get this then you are crazy because its just a beautiful guitar matched with a beautiful sound with an awesome price. believe me its well worth the money.

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By ibanezguru
Oct 26, 2010
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