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Ibanez S570DXQM

The new 24 fret version of the classic S-series Ibanez line of guitars. Comes standard with the ball bearing ZR tremolo and INF series pickups, mahogany body and 3 piece maple neck.

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The new version of the classic S-series guitar: NOW WITH 24 FRETS!! featured

Sound Ok, so if many of you guys (like me) have always been attracted to the many great sounds that the classic Ibanez RG guitars have had over the years then the darker sounding mahogany bodied Sabre line must have tempted your ears sooner or later. They are thin, comfortable, and have slightly wider bigger necks for more "neck tone" which many people like and it's not a big deal adjusting to...even for me (coming off a PGM301 high!)

So, I come in to buy a MIJ RG470 and now I see this 24 fret S-series on the chopping block...whoa. It's transparent black, has a quilted top, and all new fret markings for Ibanez; super cool. I plug it up to a Mesa Mark V and Peavey 6505 for testing before I decide yea or nay. The INF pickups are exactly what they are; dark sounding. Combined with the thicker neck and mahogany body the S570's tone is gruelingly heavy and murky sometimes. It can definitely cut on the high end, but even with a deep mid cut and bass rolled off this guitar has guts all day long! A pickup upgrade would be issue #1 with this guitar. Deathcore or shredding would be the best for an axe like this; but the added 2 frets are sooooo very nice! It's probably the reason i've stayed away from S-Series for so long.

Clean tones were nice and deep, again thanks to the 3 piece maple/rosewood neck and mahogany body. It's rich with a slight brightness thanks to the quilted maple top. Articulation is preserved nicely and your money is definitely worth it in this guitar, but may be better spent on the S770; the wood is better and probably has better tones out of the box. The INF pickups are lacking some dynamics and character that a good set of Dimarzio's or BKP's could bring to the game, but that's really the only complaint. The ZR tremolo system hadn't been upgraded from it's predecessor and performed very well. While a camp of some people don't like it, I think the ZR is a pretty good trem and works well on the S line and the thin body; definitely helps with quick setups.

Even though it might seem like I complained about this guitar sounding too dark, really the bridge pickup would be the one I'd replace. Oddly enough I'd go with an EVO or something really bright and leave the stock INF to contrast it - it would probably sound really awesome that way. I give the sound a 3.5/5.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action on this guitar out of the box was TERRIBLE. Thank god it's easy to set up ZR guitars; within 3 minutes I had taken it from "setup monstrosity" to "shred monster"! While I spent the better part of about 2 hours testing this guitar on 2 high end amps, and got the chance to really test out it's tones, I would say the fretwork is better than most of the S-Series i've played before without moving to a Prestige. The new inlays look super cool, and is a welcome change to the Ibanez line. I think this new 24 fret variation will be a reinvigoration for shredders looking towards the 22 year old S family who's only 24 fret models has been the EGEN or out of the custom shop.

Reliability & Durability Black finishes don't last well in my experience, but this trans black looked a little different; the lacquer looked thicker and the quilted top would probably not reveal swirls as much. I'd also wager, like most Ibanez guitars they are built well and not prone to breaking or anything. Some people complain about how thin the Ibanez necks are but the S-Series has a much thicker neck so I would worry about stress cracking even less.

Customer Support Ibanez and their affiliates have great CS!

Liked about it 1) 24 frets on a S-Series! Now in an affordable package!
2) Awesome new inlays = cool new looks.
3) Played well after a setup.

Didn't like 1) INF pickups are OK, but would sound ALOT better with Dimarzios, etc
2) Street price is 699, for $100 more you can get the S770 which might as well be a Prestige!

I would give this guitar a 3.5/5 because the pickups sounded murky on some setting on the 6505, but pretty good on the Mesa (which is what I play), so I'll round up and give this guitar a 4. 24 frets on an S-series is awesome, plus it looks super cool!

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By SonicProvocateur
Mar 19, 2010
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