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Ibanez S570MQM

Famous for its lightweight carved mahogany body, the S can take a beating while still providing the resonance of guitars twice its size. The S series also comes equipped with the double-locking ZR tremolo and Zero Point System, a smooth ball bearing tremolo that makes every subtle nuance of whammy bar use come alive. The S series' sleek, comfortable mahogany bodies, th... -

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Sound Seriously, the guitar is basically flawless. The top looks beautiful and the back although not one piece looks great. I have several $3000+ guitars and this $649 guitars finish is every bit as nice. The veneer top is very convincing. Plays like a dream even without a setup. I remember why I like these necks so much, thin, flat, and fast. My small hands fit perfectly. The neck and fretboard surface is excellent and the frets are great, nicely polished and filed on the ends. I could probably improve the fret ends slightly with about an hours work. They are pretty good, but I can feel them slightly although I am being very picky.

The maple fretboard is a great addition to my collection. I always like them but haven't really found the perfect guitar to go with it. I think this might be it. That combined with the single coil which gives me more tonal options and ZPS2 gives me a very stable base for the type of music I play (a lot of unison bends). Initial impressions indicate that I can use this for more than just the stuff that requires a floating bridge, it may not be a completely floating bridge but it is pretty close to the best of both worlds. I really like that. I think that is one of the reasons I end up not liking my Floyd equipped guitars, I hate worrying about bending both notes differently when doing unison bends.

The guitar is very versitle. This particular model is a little bright, like a strat. I was expecting it to be a little warmer due to the mahogany, but it is a thin guitar with a maple fretboard so it doesn't surprise me. I was actually wanting these qualities to compliment my Les Pauls. The pickups are actually not bad (I was expecting worse), but definitely could be improved. I like the way they respond to volume changes and to the 2 4 positions. I haven't owned a single coil (other than split) in a long time and that is a very nice addition. I do not feel like it is in the way when I play, something I was worried about. The Bridge pickup seems to keep things fairly tight and not overly bright, the neck is warm but not a PAF.

The pickups will be changed, but it is not necessary immediately like I thought. I will be trying a variety in this guitar to get the sound where I want.

Action, Fit, & Finish Action is really good for not being setup, about 2mm on the high E at the 14th. It felt like i can do better. I knew I could do better and definitely better then my plek'd Gibsons. After a few minutes of tweeking I was able to get the low down to about 2.0mm and the high E to 1.5mm. It is very easy to play. The paint is smooth and very well applied. All the hardware is flawless, tight and functional. The pots seem to be good and the electronics cavity was well put together.

Reliability & Durability The construction is excellent so I feel it will hold to a lot of abuse. The three piece neck is very sturdy.

The tremolo is really nice. I keep reading about people removing the Zero Point system but why, it goes up, down, returns to zero, and lets me do unison bends. I had a Peavey Wolfgang and always liked the decked bridge, but this seems to have it all (except for the D-tuna which I miss).

Tuners are ok, I like the jack location, knobs are ok, the 5 way works. I am really happy.

Customer Support Haven't delt with them, but Rich at Ibanez Rules has been very helpful.

Liked about it Versatility, finish, maple neck, frets action, hardware, design'.basically everything.

Didn't like Haven't found anything I do not like.

Overall satisfaction:

By fly_with_v
Mar 21, 2011
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