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Ibanez S7320 7-String Electric Guitar

Ibanez ZR 7-string tremolo bridge, with frictionless arming and fast return. It has a 3-ply maple neck, and the Ibanez AH for 7-string humbucker pickups.

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Big bang for your buck! featured

Sound The sound of the guitar is not bad- it is a little on the noisy side as the pick ups are generic, but it definitely has the crunchy low end. I play mostly progressive metal so that means I like to have a lot of crunch yet clarity on every single note, so I will be replacing the pick ups as these are just too muddy. In this video I am playing through a simple Marshall combo amp, no effects or anything, so this is pretty much the actual sound of the guitar. As you can see it is somewhat muddy sounding, yet you can still hear the notes and get a decent crunch on the riffs that are supposed to be more heavy.

7-string noodling (video)

Action, Fit, & Finish The pickups are adjusted pretty low, and the action is pretty low as well. I don't know if it is a manufacturer flaw or the store's guitar tech's but there is some fret-buzz at the 7th fret on the B and E strings, so that is my only complaint. Aside from that I am REALLY satisfied with the floating bridge, as it is easy to dive-bombs while still staying perfectly in tune. Not bad for a Korean factory-made Ibanez.

Liked about it Top 3 things I liked about this guitar:
1. The neck is really thin despite it being a 7-string, making it easy for my child-like small hands to access each note.
2. The Zero Resistance trem! Excellent
3. The obvious reason I got this guitar- the thin body. It is lightweight, durable, and I don't have to worry about shoulder or backpain if I want to play it all day standing up. Beautiful, sleek and shiny look, too.

Didn't like Top 3 things I did NOT like about this guitar:
1. The rosewood on the fingerboard could have been darker/better quality.
2. The generic pick-ups (too muddy) but can easily be replaced.
3. The fret buzz on the 7th fret of the B and E strings, which can also be fixed.
All in all the complaints I have about this guitar are minute and nothing that can't really be fixed. :-)

Overall satisfaction:

By jelena
May 21, 2010
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Fantastic 7-string guitar for the money! featured

Sound I bought my Ibanez S7320 back in the summer of 2008 with full knowledge that I would be changing out the pickups. There was a guitar that I'd had my eye on for quite a while, the Ibanez UV777 "Universe", which I got to play once. That guitar fetches quite a premium price, but its DiMarzio Blaze pickups have a great sound and I'd felt that I might be able to put together the perfect guitar for my 7-string desires for about one third the cost.

It turns out I was right. First, the feel of the guitar: The neck profile is a Wizard II-7, with the thicknesses at 19mm at the 1st fret, and 21mm at the 12th. Plus, it is 48mm wide at the nut, tapering to 65mm at the last fret. The comfort of the S7320 neck is definitely comparable to the standard Ibanez Wizard II neck for a six-string.

The body profile of the S7320 is just what you're used to with all "S" guitars: Thin at the edges, and thick at the middle. This makes the weight of the guitar very light, another thing that contributes to its comfort. However, you might be thinking that the lower body mass is going to take something away from the sound. Well, you might be in for a surprise here.

I'd fitted my S7320 with the Blaze pickups and was blown away at the sound quality. The neck pickup gave me just want I wanted, a really warm but full tone when on a clean channel and a very fat bluesy tone when distorted. And the bridge pickup was where I found a little bit of heaven. I've tried this guitar in a few configurations, going through my Digitech GNX3 and my Boss GT-10, both going into my DAW directly as well as with the amp simulators off going into my Blackheart Little Giant stack. On various high gain patches in both units I was able to get an amazing, thick, full screaming sound out of this slightly-modded guitar. What I'd noticed immediately were harmonics that were almost "automatic". When picking the B string at the twelvth fret and giving it a bit of left-hand vibrato, I hear a nice harmonic that starts to sing which ran chills down my spine the first time I heard it. It was then that I knew my S7320 was a keeper. It doesn't seem to have any lack of sustain either, so I don't believe the thinner body is hurting things here. The other pickup switch positions also yielded nice results on some clean tones.

When I want to add a very fat, metal-sounding crunch to one of my songs, this is my "goto" guitar for sure.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar had already been set up from the factory very well. I lowered the action just slightly and found my sweet spot. The intonation seems just fine. The ZR tremolo was a really nice thing to experience. Having that hinge makes the trem movement really smoothly. Plus the stiffness adds some stability that I'm not used to with my other guitars that have the Edge Pro. The Zero-point system will be rather nice if ever want to change string guages, as the adjustment on the springs can be made with turning one single dial. (I don't see myself moving away from my 9-46 Super Slinky's, though, as they sound great to me.) Changing strings is easily done with this bridge also.

Reliability & Durability Mainly I'm using this guitar in my home studio. I might gig with it at some point, as I do have various 6-strings as backups. Gigging without a backup? I'd never do that with any guitar that has a tremolo. But the guitar is well constructed, the parts are high quality and it has been reliable so far.

Customer Support I've had no dealings with Ibanez support as of yet.

Liked about it 1. Harmonics
2. Comfortable neck
3. Very thick sound

Didn't like I'd love it if it were available in some other color options other than black & white.

Overall satisfaction:

By PortlandAxe
Oct 28, 2009
Last updated: February 13, 2011
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