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Ibanez SA120

One of the most popular designs in Ibanez history, the SA was designed for players who wanted the S combination of lightweight comfort with heavy mahogany tones ? but with a flat back. If you need to cover a wide range of styles and tones with just one guitar, this is the one guitar. - - Specifications - - Neck Type: SA - Body: Mahogany body - Frets: Medium frets - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Inlay: Pearl dot inlay - Bridge: SAT Pro II bridge - NeckPU: AH5 - BridgePU: AH6 - HW Color: CH

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Excellent for beginners or modders!

Sound The sound quality is a little better than what you would expect from a lower end Ibanez. Creamy neck pickup, and crunchy bridge, but there was always a humming sound coming through the amp.

Action, Fit, & Finish This guitar was second hand and I never bothered taking it to get set up. It held up really well. I often did dive bombs on the SAT Pro II and just barely went out of tune. But if you are looking for a guitar to abuse it's tremolo, don't buy this.

Reliability & Durability The finish is really good. I have hit it into door knobs and walls accidentally, and it doesn't have a single dent. However, it does have hairline cracks at the neck pocket. It was like that when I bought it. Since it does not have a Floyd Rose like tremolo, I would use this at a gig without back up. Someone with this guitar would rarely use the tremolo anyway so a string break is not likely.

Liked about it 1) This is the best beginner guitar I have ever played. It feels really solid and has a good sound because of the mahogany body.

2) The SAT Pro II bridge is comfortable to rest your hand on when mute picking. It is smooth and rounded so nothing gouges into your skin.

3) The 5 way selector switch offers a wide variety of sounds making this an incredibly versatile guitar.

Didn't like 1) The floating SAT Pro II bridge goes out of tune with too much abuse. I had to buy a Tremol-No system to convert it to hard tail because using the tremolo was pointless for metal.

2) The pickups always had a humming sound when I wasn't doing anything but the amp was on. I replaced the bridge with a DiMarzio Evolution and it took care of that. And made it sound incredibly mean.

3) When I took the back plate off to install the Tremol-No, I noticed that some wood was gouged as if the people at the Indonesian factory said "Oh well, no one will see it..." But this doesn't affect playability or sound quality, so yeah it doesn't matter. I was just nitpicking.

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By AChan
Mar 25, 2011
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