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Jackson Dinky DK2M


Price: $32 to $526 at 6 stores
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Sound It's really hard to describe what kind of tone or feel the DK2M has. You cannot say it holds a distinctive tone or can be remembered in such a way, but that does not pry it from it's greatness. The Dinky let's you play your sound and chose your weapon. I've always found that the pro series Jacksons were like a magic wand. You flick it the right way and it delivers anything. I think it still is this way.

This guitar has the ability to shape sounds so accurately. You can simply hit the bridge position and channel all your inner Osbourne through the Seymour Duncan Tb-4. The overall tone is fat and at the same time sharp. What i mean is, it's chunky enough for rhythm while being agile and swift for the faster and more complicated licks. Although Jacksons are mostly recognized as heavy metal guitars, this axe can easily provide smoother tones. With the flick of the pick-up select switch and a slight twist of the tone knob, you're on a Stairway to Heaven.

The Jazz SH2n is one my personally favorite neck pick-ups. It's got such a cool and laid back tone that you feel like you're sitting in an old blues bar jamming it out with Clapton. It has a brilliantly powerful tone. It was surging through my and making my ears ring along.

When i put this guitar down i looked at it for a moment. I thought to myself ''Something this good has got to be breaking a law.''.

Action, Fit, & Finish This guitar has the classic Jackson low action. It's a fast player and it doesn't have too much fret buzz out of the box.

The most attractive thing on this guitar is ,of course, the maple fretboard. Jackson doesn't have a reputation for making a lot of maple fret boards and when i first heard this was going to be made i knew i was going to buy one. It feels exactly like it should feel: smooth finished maple board and harder than a rosewood. The most stunning feature is obviously just the look. I ordered mine in the ''Snow White'' finish and with the maple fretboard, the black shark fin inlays and the matching binding, it was unlike anything I'd have ever expected. As far as it's looks go, i was pleased.

What i also enjoyed was the tremolo. The Licensed Jackson made Floyd rose ,also known as the JT580LP, is a great floating bridge. Companies mostly seek their own licensed production of parts to lower cost. The licensed tremolo is pretty good for the value. Mainly, it stays in tune through some pretty harsh abuse and that is it's primary function. However, the block on it is much lighter than an Original Floyd Rose and that is where a critical portion of the guitar's tone is produced. It manages to sound really good despite that and since this guitar is considerably less than the price of a USA made Dinky, i find it astounding that it manages to set an outstanding quality/price ratio.

Reliability & Durability The Dk2M has been very good to me. The finish is quite thick and through a couple of knocks and collisions with other musicians, it has yet to suffer any dents. There are some light scratches, but those are mostly due to regular use. I usually buff them out when i get around to it.

The cool thing about owning a Jackson Pro series is you get to bring it everywhere. You might love your Ibanez Jem 7vwh more or maybe your Custom Shop 59' relic Stratocaster, but with their value, do you really want to bring them on a summer trip or to a gig at a crowded bar? I know i wouldn't. The Dinky allows me to feel my best and play my best, without sacrificing too much investment if any accidents should occur. I think this is something a lot of live players out there look for. If you're in the market for a work horse, the DK2M will not disappoint.

Liked about it I'd like to recap here by listing a couple of things i liked a lot about the Dinky. First of all, i have to address this again. The Maple fretboard. It's fantastic. I can't think of anything else this cool on modern guitars. Just the feel and play of it gives an entirely new feel to Jackson guitars entirely. After that, you're left with a really nice look. Whether you picked a graphic or a transparent finish, the light finished maple is a soothing to look at.

Next we have the pick-ups. This is important. Many guitars you will encounter in the Dinky's price range have cheaper pick-ups. Some companies will have them made by the big pick-up companies, but they are usually of lower quality than the originals. Jackson skipped the complaints and bad reviews and gave the people what they wanted. The TB sh-4 and Sh2n jazz are perfect pick-ups for this guitar because they are extremely versatile. Sure the Sh-6 is more aggressive, but this guitar is all about variety. Lastly, the neck itself.

It's a beautifully crafted quartersawn maple neck with a classic Jackson profile. Now i like to have a Jackson profile in my front line of guitars because they fill a void. My Ibanez guitars have very thin necks and can feel lifeless at times. My Fender's have fat and round necks that are a fun, but can be overwhelming. The Jackson sits right in the middle. It's wide like a Fender ''C'' shaped neck, but has a flat profile like an Ibanez Wizard. This guitar just has nothing to hide. It doesn't come with high expectations or a heavy pricetag, but it delivers in ways you never thought it could.

Didn't like I don't tend to review products i don't like, and maybe i should eventually, but as for the Jackson DK2M i have nothing to say. The only negative feed back i have is more addressed to the Jackson line-up. I wish that Jackson could make more maple fretboard guitars in their line up. A Kelly with a maple fretboard would be nice or even a King V. Apart from that, i think this guitar excels in everything it was meant to do and it should please anyone with a desire for a versatile axe.

Overall satisfaction:

By Fender868
Feb 19, 2010
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Price: $32 to $526
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at 6 stores

Amazing, Versatile, quality guitar!!!

Sound There's not much that I can comment on sound, sadly. I got my used and it came with EMH HZ's (H4 and H4A). However, the stock pickups in this guitar are Seymour Duncan's. A TB-4 in the bridge and an SH-2N in the neck, I believe. And I've played those pickups in another Alder/Maple/Maple guitar before and they sound great! Very versatile pickups. They are good from Jazz cleans to Death Metal gain!

Bridge pickup: Very articulate and has just the right balance of brightness, middiness and darkness. I, personally, use this guitar for Death Metal. I'm tuned to Drop A. And it handles the low tuning VERY well!!! It's not a super high output pickup either so it has very good clarity and versatility. This pickup is also good for med-low gain crunch or chords. You can hear every note sing with it's own life!

Neck pickup: Great for shred!!! Every note really jumps off of the fretboard! Every note really sings when you're on this pickup. However, it can also catch all of your mistakes. So you improve your playing over time when you use it. Also VERY awesome for cleans! Chords come out either very beautiful or very dark but they ALL come out equally. Every string has an equal volume and tone.

Oh, and they take their time when selecting woods for these!! The body resonates VERY will with the neck. Which, of course, leads to great sustain AND tone!

Reliability & Durability This guitar will last you a lifetime!! Mine has seen plenty of live action and it held up wonderfully!! Not only WOULD I gig without a backup, but I actually DID. The tremolo (I believe it is a Jackson JT580) is very stable and is made of rock-solid, high quality metals. And the locking nut is very solid as well. I see no signs of it letting anything slip.

The maple that they used on the fretboard is very smooth! You can absolutely fly on this neck! And bending is smooth whipped cream. Good frets as well.

Liked about it Where to start?!?!?!

Sounds great
Good frets
Made In Japan
Feels like a man's guitar
Shows no sign of giving up!!

I rate her a 4.5 (since she's nice, but she's no J.Custom. They're the only ones who should get 5's in my book).

Didn't like Tuner wasn't thick enough for my string to go through haha. Though don't let this be a killer for you, I use a .70 for my lowest string (Drop A). A string that thick won't fit through most tuners.

Overall satisfaction:

By D.M.RG7620
Aug 05, 2012
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Price: $32 to $526
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at 6 stores

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