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Jackson Kelly KE3R

Jackson Kelly KE3R is a made in Japan Kelly with a reverse headstock. It has an alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and shark fin inlays, 2 Duncan Designed humbuckers, one volume knob, and 3 way pickup selector switch. It has a double locking JT580LP tremolo.

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Sound The sound is fantastic on this guitar. By it's looks, you can tell it is obviously metal oriented so if you want a more versatile guitar, look elsewhere. The sound matches the outrageous Explorer-esque shape. The neck pickup is crunchy with a little bit of smoothness to it. It's not as creamy as a more versatile guitar, but it still could get away with playing some jazz if you really wanted to. The bridge pickup is fantastic! Playing through my beginner level GX-15R Crate amp, I can still pull out pinch harmonics like nothing. I have problems creating pinch harmonics on that amp with even an Ibanez Prestige...But that could just be my fault. I'm just saying this KE3R makes it EASY to get that metal sound everyone loves.

Action, Fit, & Finish If anyone follows my reviews, I never buy a guitar brand new. Mainly because it doesn't make sense for me to do financially since I don't make that much money. I set it up myself to how I like playing and I couldn't be happier with the action and spring tension.

Reliability & Durability The finish is really weak. It chips easily and is pretty thin. If you want to keep it perfect, be extra careful with it. It's body is longer than a regular guitar, so you WILL hit into things you wouldn't normally hit into with another guitar. But this is purely cosmetic. Sound wise, this guitar is one of my favorites of my collection so far and I have an S5470 Prestige.

Liked about it 1) The pickups are amazing for stock. Pinch harmonics come incredibly easy!

2) The neck is insanely thin and I feel like I can play faster on it.

3) The body shape is really unique and aggressive. It feels great sitting or standing. I was really shocked!

Didn't like 1) The JT580LP tremolo arm doesn't stay locked down tight making it difficult to flutter or do any tremolo tricks.

2) I love the shape, but the bottom is so big, it hits into everything.

3) I wish the paint was stronger.

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By AChan
Mar 25, 2011
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