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Moser Custom Shop MMi-T

One of the best-kept secrets in Los Angeles--the Moser Custom Shop--the MMi-T is a "super-strat" that realizes that "one size does not fit all."

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Sound I held off writing this review for a while because I wrote the review for this guitar's "Big Brother" -- the Moser STi-T just after I got them both. They both have the same pickup complement: import pickups that remind me of the Dimarzio X2N in the bridge and the Dimarzio Super II in the neck. The "MM" stands for "Moser Mini." This is the same guitar as the Moser standard strat, but the guitar's body is just slightly smaller. This makes it more comfortable to play for those of us that are, shall we say, "smaller in stature." The other effect this has on the sound is that the MM is a little brighter. I played it through all the same amps with the same settings and two things stood out: as noted above, the sound of the MM was a little brighter than the STi-T, second, harmonics seem to pop out of this guitar easier than on the STi-T. As with the STi-T, the guitar came with .010 strings that make the sound big and full. I haven't changed the pickups or re-strung it yet.

Action, Fit, & Finish As noted above, I haven't changed anything on this guitar yet, but I will most likely switch to .009's or 8.5's if the setup isn't too far off. The flaming of the wood is magnificent and the rosewood on the fret board is so deep and rich it is easily mistaken for ebony. Perfectly set up and just a joy to play and rip away on.

Reliability & Durability Haven't had the guitar that long but quality seems to be in the DNA of the product--my only reservation about gigging it without a backup is that it has a Floyd and we all know what happens when a string breaks.

Customer Support Never called them about support but when I had questions they were very helpful. They DID offer to fix anything if I found something they didn't like, even to the point of milling the frets.

Liked about it BEAUTIFUL fit and finish.
Excellent value for the price.
Excellent local customer service.

Didn't like Import pickups are an acquired taste--will probably replace.
Guitar is set up for .010 strings.

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By racerevlon
Dec 22, 2009
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