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Music Man Luke Featured

Steve Lukather signature model superstrat style guitar with EMG active pickups.

Price: $7 to $1699 at 13 stores
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Custom guitar performance at an affordable price featured

Sound The Luke has a variety of sounds available. I expected a bit of a 'one trick pony' guitar but have been pleasantly surprise by it's chameleon performance. I've been able to easily get Robin Trower full neck pickup tones, Mark Knopfler super clean quack and Gary Moore tear your face off heavy distortion. This guitar knows very few limits which is why it is the model used by one of the world's most recorded guitarists. The standard Luke has an alder body so mostly the guitar comes across as very Strat like but the active pickups allow for more versatility than your average Strat. When it's clean it's clean and full, and when using heavy gain it's fat and punchy and very quiet thanks to the active circuitry. It ships from the factory with Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9-42 strings. The pickups are EMG actives. While most people cringe at the thought of sterile active pickups this is not the case with the Luke. With the exception of the humbucker in the bridge position these pickups are low output. The advantages are that the pickups are virtually silent in almost any condition and you get to turn your amp up more to get the tubes working better. It's brilliant that way. It really allows for great interaction with your tube amp that way. The bridge pickup has plenty of bite but with a little turning of the tone knob it is easy to get that pickup to sound fat and full like a variety of humbuckers. I play this through a variety of tube amps and it sounds perfect with any of them. Where it really shines is when recording through my VAmp Pro. It's awesome!

Action, Fit, & Finish My Luke arrived almost directly from the factor just days after it was completed with one stop at the retailer I bought it from. They did a quick inspection, adjusted nothing and confirmed that it was in perfect shape then shipped it on to me. Upon opening the case it took me a few moments to catch my breath because it really is a beautiful guitar even in a solid color. The Luke Blue reacts very nicely to different colored stage lights. IT changes color often when the lights change. Everything about the guitar is flawless. The finish is blemish free, the fret ends are smooth, the rosewood fingerboard is high quality and richly dark and thick. The action comes as what I would call medium. It's high enough to allow good string vibration with no buzzes yet slinky enough action that it's a real joy to play. The body is somewhat smallish and that makes it easy to wear all night without getting fatigued feeling like you've been supporting a bowling ball for 5 hours. Try as I might I had a near impossible time trying to get the guitar to go out of tune using the non locking tremolo. The arm is a pop-in with a tension adjustment screw so that you can get it just right for how you like it. The tuners are locking and turn smoothly. This system is easy to get used to and much faster to change strings on than the traditional double locking systems. It feels incredibly smooth and has even tension all through the bar's travel. It's much more smooth than any locking tremolo I've ever used.

Reliability & Durability I can totally trust this guitar to be gigged without a backup. Even though the EMG system requires a 9 volt battery the demand on it is so minimal that batteries last for a very very long time. I haven't tested the finish yet with any bumps or accidents but it seems very durable and I've yet to see a really abused Luke with the finish coming off so my guess is that it's meant to stay on. Musicman ships all guitars in a perfectly fitted plastic and foam case that can withstand a bomb attack. It is included in the price and well worth having.

Customer Support You ask - they answer. You suggest - they listen. Best service ever.

Liked about it What I like best about this guitar is the neck and the way it plays. It has an asymmetrical V shape neck and I've never played anything more comfortable and easy to navigate. I also like the active pickups because not only are they versatile but they keep unwanted noise at bay. Thirdly, the way the guitar hangs is perfect. The balance is great with no neck dive and it's light enough to keep you from being fatigued for hours. It fits like a glove and there are no sharp edges to rub you raw.

Didn't like I don't think there is anything I don't like about this guitar. Sure it cost a bit of coin but I've got a guitar that will last a lifetime with no worries.

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By Spudman
Nov 30, 2009
Last updated: November 30, 2009
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Price: $7 to $1699
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