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Paul Reed Smith Dave Navarro Signature Model

Solid Body. Maple top on mahogany body. Brazilian rosewood fret board on mahogany set in neck. MOP Shadow bird inlays. 24 medium frets. Locking tuners, PRS standard floating tremolo bridge. Jet white with gold hardware. PRS HFS bridge pickup and Vintage neck pickup. 3 way toggle pickup switch. Push-pull tone knob for coil tap.

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Great all around guitar for many styles of music. featured

Sound I have played this guitar through a few amps but mainly through my Mesa Mark V combo. This is important to note because the HFS pickup is a different animal with different amps. The HFS pickup is a beast with very high output. Its voiced towards the treble side of the spectrum which is important to note because you need to roll the highs off of Marshall type amps or its going to sound thin and shrill. Through my Mesa, with stock EQ, its very well balanced, clear and articulate in the lower registers, and a smooth singing quality in the upper registers. Opinions vary but I find it suitable for high gain applications. Its tight enough with a nice bite and lacks the sterility of an EMG type pickup. The Vintage pickup in the neck is a delight and resembles a Les Paul type neck pickup tone. Rhythms and leads are both clear with no mud even at higher gain settings. I would say its one of the best neck pickups out there.

The guitar sustains well enough. It can't touch my Parker in that department so perhaps I am a bit spoiled and biased. Overall, it will do many styles convincingly but none to complete perfection. This guitar, like custom 24's in general, are jacks of all trades and make good performance guitars for those who don't want to lug around 5 guitars to every gig.

Action, Fit, & Finish No complaints other than a slightly higher action than I was hoping for out of the box. That was easily remedied. The great thing about PRS is you can get the action pretty low on them. There was a tiny scuff on the corner of the headstock but that's probably UPS throwing it around the truck and a less than desirable case...more on that later. Everything else was great.

Reliability & Durability No issues yet. No one gigs without a backup!

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it The 25" scale. I avoided PRS for years because of this. I have big hands and was fearful it wouldn't be my thing in the long run. Well, its very comfortable and feels better than a 25 1/2" scale for extended playing while standing up.

Balance. No neck dive.

Pickups. Love them. I've never been much of a neck pickup guy but I have been inspired!

Frets. You don't see many shred-able guitars out there with less than jumbo sized frets. These aren't too big nor too small and the smaller size makes playing in the upper frets easier.

Fretboard. The Brazilian rosewood on mine is almost black. The contrast between it and the jet white body and MOP inlays really makes the instrument stand out as a piece of art. The contrast between the inlays and board is particularly striking.

Didn't like The case. Come on PRS! I've seen much cheaper guitars come in better cases. It doesn't fit snug and the guitar can and does move in the case! Plus, to add insult to injury, the case sheds liner material worse than any other case I've owned.

22nd to 24th fret access. I'm surprised its not that great. However, I do very little in this area so its not a big issue.

Inlays. Love the inlays but its hard to see the birds from more than 10 feet now that they are outlines and not filled in.

Overall satisfaction:

By btweensunandmoon
Sep 10, 2010
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Price: $420 to $420
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