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RG 2570E VGD

Prestige made RG.

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Another great Prestige. featured

Sound The sound of the guitar is great, even with stock pickups. Pups are Dimarzio/IBZ, which, as claimed to be by the DiMarzio site, are real DiMarzios. They may be the best stock pups (non branded) I have ever come across. The pickup setup is HSH. The bridge humbucker is clear and articulate and it works brilliantly even with high gain. DiMarzio-site says they're close to the Steve Morse bridge-pup. Single coil is very single coilish. Clear and it works with clean setups very well. With distortion you get some strat-like tonal quality. The neck pup is said to be close to super 2, and it sings. You can get those soft and creamy leads when you roll out the tone.

These pups are made for playing, and they're very versatile at that. I play all kinds of music and I use 10-46 Ernie balls and I have gotten all the sounds I need with these pups. They're not going to change anytime soon.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar had no manufacturing flaws. The color is very 80's and I like it a lot. Only downside of this paintjob is that it's a textured paint, and it doesn't have lacquer on it, so it wears of pretty easily. I have had this a while now and already it's showing some wear in the corner areas. Action is as low as it gets and has no buzz or dead spots. Fret ends are nice and smooth and I love the fact that this has binding around fretboard. Inlays are nothing special, some kind of ghost sawtooth or something like that. Neck has a smooth satin finish and it feels heavenly on my hand. No sticky paintjobs on this one :)

Reliability & Durability I think I'd bring a backup to gig.. But that's only because of the floating bridge.. You'll never know when one of your strings break up in the heat of the night ;)

As said before, the finish isn't too durable, but battlescars and bruises are just character of the guitar, and they show that you play with your tool.

Customer Support Haven't dealed with the company.

Liked about it Pickups were a great surprise, I was ready to change them even before I got this guitar, but no need for that.

I really like Edge Pro bridge, it's sleek and very low profile. It feels good under my hand.. And now it's even better as I changed the tremolo bar to Schaller's.

Neck. It's just so smooth and nice to hand. I love it.

Didn't like The paintjobs durability..

I can bet that the cosmo black wears off pretty quickly.

Overall satisfaction:

By FrostStorm
Feb 01, 2010
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Great guitar!

Sound Sounds pretty gound to my ear. I was ready to throw in a pair of evo's in this guitar but have held off. I play a varied range of music from Megadeth to Kansas to Santana, this guitar can pull it off.

I play this through a JVM 206 and a 1960a, I have several pedals in my rig but I generally use various OD's (pearl OD 5, T-ERX MAB1 and Digitech Bad Monkey) to get the sound I want. The Dimarzio /Ibz is a solid pickup and can certainly hold its own against more dearer pickups. Bridge is not as loud as say they evo but is generally very versatile and not mushy on high gain. Single coil is great played clean for your strat sound and neck is very warm.

Action, Fit, & Finish No flaws, setup was good but I resetup to my preference. Out of box it played pretty well and ready to rock.

Reliability & Durability Very reliable as all ibanez guitars are. Only issue I have is the gold seems to fade, I have had this guitar for 4 years now and is paint is starting to fade at certain spots (arm rest andbelow pickups).

Customer Support never had to tell with them.

Liked about it 1. Neck is very fast!
2. Balance is great not too heavy not too lite just right.
3. Edge pro is awesome!

Didn't like 1. Paintjob seems to fade after a while.

Overall satisfaction:

By ashleighhhh
May 06, 2010
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