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Ibanez RG 2570MZ

The Ibanez RG2570MZ is an RG series Prestige electric guitar model introduced in 2009. It is based on the 2008 Limited Edition model RG2470MZ. New features are the finish and the maple fingerboard with wedge sharktooth inlays instead of dot inlays. - - Other features of the RG2570MZ are a basswood body, the Edge Zero tremolo and DiMarzio IBZ pickups. For 2010, the finish was changed again and the neck profile was renamed Wizard HP, now with KTS Titanium reinforcement rods. - - A similar model with a rosewood fingerboard instead of a maple one is the RG2570Z.

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High spec rg

Sound I came to the rg after years of playing Strats and Les Pauls. The sound is a completely different animal to both those guitars and with the stock dimazio/ibz pickups is very modern sounding.

I play a lot of classic rock/metal and some jazz (I tend to favour an archtop for that particular genre!). The pickups are powerful, but lack a little character compared to the burstbuckers in my Les Paul. Its a very compact sound, by that I mean its a little bit indistinct, 2D if you like compared to the hot paf sound I'm used to on the LP. Its not a bad sound per se, but it needs a bit more dialling in than other guitars I own. I'm considering swapping the pickups for something else, but not decided on what yet. I find the single coil a bit redundant. There is such a volume drop when switching to the in between sounds or the single on its own that its almost useless in a gig situation. Again it's not a bad sound, it lacks a lot of the quackyness of strat in those positions, but it is a fair approximation and does provide 'that' sound in a recording context if you don't have a strat to hand.

Overall, I would say a versatile sounding guitar if you put the time into finding the sound you want, but hey, who doesn't do that anyway ;)

Action, Fit, & Finish This was spot on right from the start. As far as I know it had been set up in the shop, but I don't know for sure. I tweaked it a little for my tastes - I actually raised the action, my preference not because of a guitar issue.
Everything about the guitar felt right straight away. Whats put me off buying rg's in the past has been poor feeling frets (probably only been trying the cheap stuff!) but this was as good as the anything else I play including CS Fenders.

Reliability & Durability Well I've owned the guitar over a year now and is played at every rock gig I play. I've never snapped a string despite the whammy abuse it gets. So I would say its totally dependable, I always take a backup guitar but I've never needed it.

The Vital blue finish looks great on stage, very bright. But I have reservations about its durability, there are a couple of spots that seemed to have worn off on the edge of a pickup cavity, almost as if I've caught it with my pick. I do look after my guitars but they are used how they were intended, they are musical instruments to me not works of art!

There are a couple of indentations on some of the lower frets on the low E and A strings, it almost seems as if the frets are a bit soft. Only time will tell if that is the case. The paint on the fine tuners is corroding already, pretty poor, but I can live with it.

Customer Support Not needed so I don't know.

Liked about it Well it's an Rg! whats not to like. The neck is fantastic and its almost too easy to play compared to my other guitars. The trem is superb, returns to tune no problem despite whammy abuse. It nails that modern rock sound.

Didn't like The pickups aren't the best at a guitar this expensive. Not sure how good the finish will be in ten years time. The fine tuners need more durable finish - it really is very poor at any price that they can look so bad after only a year.

Overall satisfaction:

By stratcat69
Sep 08, 2012
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