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Ibanez SZ520QM

25" scale, string thru, set neck, Mahogany body with Quilted Maple top, Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard, Ibanez [HH] pickups, 2 volume 1 tone, unique body shape.

Price: $155 to $155 at 1 stores
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Great with EMGs!

Sound Sounds great with EMG's, replaced stocks pretty much straight away as I wanted a metal guitar. It sounds pretty good unplugged too, stock pickups weren't anything to boast about.

Action, Fit, & Finish Set up the way I like it, with Ernie Ball 'Not Even Slinky' to drop B, it plays great. String tension just less than a 25.5" scale with 10-46's, so it's easier to do string bends. The set neck is a great touch, it curves into the body thickness in a nice place, giving a good contact for big bends and wide vibrato. I also have Planet Waves locking tuners in this which make string changes so easy!

Reliability & Durability NEVER had an issue.

Customer Support Never dealt with Ibanez.

Liked about it Balances very nicely (not a head diver, like gibson SG's), Plays great, sounds great, looks great. It isn't a feather but it isn't a back breaker either which is a bonus. The electronics cavity has space for 2 9V batteries for the 18V mod too. The smaller scale (25 inch) gives a balance to the thicker neck, giving a similar stretch to a thinner necked larger scale guitar (25.5 inch).

Didn't like Only 22 frets! The bridge is set slightly forward compared to your RG's etc, this was something I didn't like at first but it only took 10 minutes to get used to.

If I were to review this before mods, it would get a 4 due to not achieving its full 'sound potential.

Overall satisfaction:

By Guitarist-Jonny
Feb 14, 2010
Last updated: February 18, 2010
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Price: $155 to $155
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