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Schecter C-1 Elite

The C1 Elite is another example of how Schecter is always pushing the limits, setting new standards with guitar design & value. This model is highlighted by incredible abalone binding on both the body and the neck. Check out its mahogany body. And the neck isn't bolted on, but set-in. Its 24-fret neck also features a jumbo frets, a rosewood fingerboard, diamond inlays...

Price: $186 to $328 at 4 stores
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Best investment I've made so far. featured

Sound This guitar sounds pretty good right out of the box. I Ordered the discontinued 2007 model. It has 2 duncan designed hb-102's in it so I wasn't really expecting it to sound too clean. The HB-102's are very muddy. I switched them out with a pair of SD's (JB and SH2n) but had spacing problems on the bridge (F spaced) and went to Dimarzio's (SD and PAF Pro). HB 102's can also be very noisy. Again...just switch out the pups and its a new guitar.

I play every dimension of music save country. And it does all quite well. It does blues, jazz, and rock very well. Metal/Hardcore not so much (pickups make a huge difference, however). It really is a versatile guitar.

I've run through: Mesa/Boogies (nice metal sound), Randalls, Crates, Peaveys. I'm mainly running through a Crate RFX 65, using the Eventide Timefactor, VP JR Volume, and MXR Classic Overdrive.

Brand of strings - Dean Markley blue steels
Gauge of strings - Usually 9's (LT/HB)

Action, Fit, & Finish It was set up very well. It was set up at the factory. Everything was fine on this guitar EXCEPT for the finish. There was one crack in the finish right by the volume pot...not a big deal, but it's still there. I did replace the pups to a set of DiMarzio SuperDistortion and PAF Pro

Reliability & Durability Yes, yes, yes. Very few times have I had to adjust this thing. VERY few times has it gone out of tune. I play this guitar every Sunday at church without a backup...I don't have any problems with that either. The finish (aside from the crack in it) has remained just as beautiful as it was then than it is now. Gorgeous finish.

Customer Support Customer Support took about 3-4 weeks to reply to an email sent concerning the toggle switch. Thumbs down to CS.

Liked about it 1. Finish
2. Feel/Action
3. Sound - In this price range, I really have found no other guitar to match it. (Besides other Schecter C-1 models)

Didn't like 1. Pickups
2. It's a LITTLE muddy sometimes, considering the mahogany body. However, I imagine that can be solved with pickups.

Overall satisfaction:

By GroovyTubes
Dec 06, 2010
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Price: $186 to $328
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at 4 stores

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