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Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster Featured

Vintage looking two tone sunburst Stratocaster

Price: $87 to $249 at 13 stores
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The real deal! featured

Sound I had not had a guitar with AlNiCo III pickups until I got the CV50s Strat. The sound is very vintage..sort of. I can't describe it very easily but it's buttery, smooth and full. I like it a lot when using modulation and delay effects. The guitar's tone seems to continue to come through very well. Many times I have had to turn down the treble on my amp to smooth the sounds out. When that happens I start sounding a little like David Gilmour. That's not a bad thing...right? Anyway, I will undoubtedly never replace the pickups because it sounds great just the way it is. It's different than what I'm used to but in a very good way.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar was set up perfectly with 9s when I got it from a prominent national retailer. I've not found any excuse to put any heavier strings on it yet. It plays really well and rings out nicely. I've kept the action at what I'd call medium and it's really easy to play. The string tension is really nice and the guitar doesn't have a stiff feel at all. Bending is easy with no dead spots. The bridge is a vintage style 6 point.

The 21 fret neck is quartersawn with a 9.5 inch radius and has the most beautiful figures in the grain showing. The amber clear finish on the neck really brings out these figures and it looks very classy just like a custom guitar. I've heard some complaints about the CV necks being too thin. That may be happening on the 60s Strats but it certainly is not the case with my 50s CV. My neck is meaty but not too big. It's very comfortable and give plenty of room to add a wide vibrato without having to push other strings out of the way.

The finish on the body is a beautiful 2 tone sunburst that has no flaws and looks very similar to the Eric Johnson Strat that costs 5 times the price. It's gorgeous vintage look that almost makes my mouth water.

All-in-all, this is a real guitar with great looks and great functionality. The real deal!

Reliability & Durability I've been throwing this around and playing it daily at the house then carting it off to gigs on the weekends in a gig bag and traveling hundreds of miles with it. It's still looking good and playing great.

Customer Support I had the neck pickup go dead within the first two weeks and the retailer (Sweetwater) pulled one from one of their guitars and shipped it out very quickly. I replaced it myself and sent the dead one back at no cost to me. I have no idea why the pickup went dead but it seems as if a winding broke. The whole guitar was very well soldered and wired with large high quality large pots and the pickups said 'Fender' on them.

Liked about it This alder bodied baby is light. What's is that worth? A fortune if you stand up and play long gigs. It's a real delight to hang this baby on because the fatigue thing just doesn't happen even with a 2 inch strap.

I also like the AlNiCo III pickups. They sound great and really perform.

The whole guitar exudes 'vintage.' The pickup covers are aged and the thick white pick guard is a single ply just like in the good old days. The neck has the amber tint and the tuners are vintage Kluson style. They really hold the tuning well. It looks like just like a vintage instrument and that's pretty cool especially when you don't pay the vintage price.

Didn't like The amber clear neck finish gets sticky at times. That's all. No other complaints.

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By Spudman
Mar 09, 2010
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Price: $87 to $249
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