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Suhr Modern

Suhr Modern 24-fret Electric Solid Body Guitar

Price: $1190 to $3541 at 20 stores
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No Soul For Suhr featured

Sound Now, I hear many things about many guitars, but never have i heard so many rave reviews about a guitar company as ive heard about Suhr. I don't think I've actually ever heard anything bad about one.

So after hearing all this, I had to go and have a go on a few. To which I concluded; Its just hype.

I tried LOTS of different kinds of moderns, different bodies, with ton's of Very VERY nice looking finishes, and a few with a flat finish, and many different necks including rosewood, maple and ebony. So this review is pretty much a summary of all the guitars I tried.

The sounds are alright, quite different but very warm. Good for most things to think of it but they're all a bit too chunky so I don't think it'll suit indie, nor reggae, nor surf too well.

The bridge sound is exactly how you think it'll sound and so does the neck.

Action, Fit, & Finish The fit and finish is quite amazing. The finishes that Suhr produce is spectacular! The dance and move in the light. The fit is SOLID. This guitar is also very light, just thought id mention that. the neck also feels very nice, especially when they're unfinished.

However here comes my first major niggle. The action was never low enough for my tastes and it also felt stiff. On EVERY guitar it was really just. Stiff. The shop I tried it at had checked all the suhrs with their in shop luthier.

Reliability & Durability Probably very durable, they're built very VERY well.

Customer Support No idea. But from talking to the guy in the shop where if you ring up suhr, they'll provide you custom guitars with every option under the sun, they're probably very good.

Liked about it Beautiful finish
Very light (Weight wise)
Not as expensive as some PRS (But still quite expensive)

Didn't like Stiff action
Predictable sound which isn't too good for clean

You might be thinking, "Hang on, at the start of the review you said that all the talk about this guitar was hype! You can't just base that on a bit of stiff action!" and you'd be right. However my biggest problem with this guitar is this:

You know that bond that many artists have had with their guitars and instruments over the years, such as B.B King and his Gibson he named, "Lucille" or Steve Vai's two main guitars called, "Evo" and "Flo" which he talks about having a bond with them? Well with these Suhrs, they just felt like a machine. When i was playing i just couldn't get any feel or feeling from it. I just couldn't connect with any of the suhrs. It felt soul-less.

Funnily enough, after i then picked up a RG550 and i felt it was the best guitar in the shop.It was full of character compared to the suhr.

Finally, to sum up, this guitar would probably be suited to people who A) Believe in the hype B) what to be a shredder.

These guitars are just hype, there are plenty of Fenders, Ibanez, PRS and many more that can do the job and better.
So my final advice? If you want to buy a Suhr, Don't buy a Suhr, if you want the amazing tops get either a J-Custom, PRS or a G&L.

For me, this guitar gets a 2, only because of the build and finish. The sound is sub par and not that versatile and has no soul.

Your's happy with what he's got,
Big The Cat.

Overall satisfaction:

By Big The Cat
Jan 23, 2011
Last updated: January 23, 2011
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Price: $1190 to $3541
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at 20 stores

Easily the Best. featured

Sound This is the best sounding guitar I've ever played. I've played several of these Moderns and no matter what wood combination Suhr through out they all sound amazing. Suhr one of the highest standards for wood selection on the market today. The sound is perfectly balanced. Even when strumming on the guitar unplugged you can tell the guitar is high quality stuff. Acoustically its quite loud for a solid body. If you get the HSH version your tonal options are endless. Just watch and of the demos Guthrie Govan does of the guitar and you'll be at their website finding a local dealer in no time. The sound fantastic.

Action, Fit, & Finish Amazing. John Suhr was the master builder at Fender for many years and it sure shows. No pun intended. The intonation is flawless, Action is super low, and everything was tightened all the way, pickups were right where they're supposed to be, and the neck had the magical amount of bow in it. The finish is second to none. They use a poly finish because its more durable, but its super thin. It looks and feels like nitro but you don't have to worry about looking at it wrong and having the finish melt off.

Reliability & Durability I haven't owned one long enough yet, but everything looks super solid. Their necks are guaranteed to not warp for the original life of the owner so I'm not too worried.

Customer Support Fantastic. Met them at the NAMM show last year. Cool, really approachable people that want to help you achieve your seemingly never ending tone chase.

Liked about it Action- It played effortlessly. I get the feeling if I looked at it the right way it would play what I was thinking.
Versatility- With all of the electronic options Suhr offers you can get a plethora of tones. 5 way switch, blower swith, coil taps, the list goes on and on. They'll do anything.
Upper Fret Access- Its stupid good. You might as well be playing a Steinberg. But the Suhr sounds good.

Didn't like The only bad thing about this guitar that comes across my mind is the price. However if you can afford it I think it is totally worth it.

Overall satisfaction:

By pjmguitarist
Nov 08, 2010
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Price: $1190 to $3541
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at 20 stores

Suhr Modern 24-fret featured

Sound I meant to do this review a while ago so here goes... What I am reviewing here is the much anticipated Suhr Modern. This is the 24-fret guitar that players like myself had waited a long time for. I am a bit of a 24-fret snob but not to the point where I can't appreciate a really well-made 22 fret guitar. If anyone knows anything about Suhr they know that they they are all about TONE - plain and simple. The Modern I am reviewing is my own and although it may be a bit biased, it gives a great amount of credibility to what these guitars are all about. The wood selections and combinations are second to none. This model has a Basswood body, quilt maple top, Birdseye maple neck and fingerboard. This is also one of the very first Moderns to have the reversed headstock. The pickups are Doug Aldrich signature pickups and they scream. It has a 5-way selector switch that splits the two humbuckers very well giving much versatility to this guitar. I am primarily a shred player and I play in a few live acts where I need flexibility and this guitar does that and then some.

Plugged into various amps this guitar just oozes tone. I hate using the term "organic" due to it's overuse but that's the best way to describe the sound of this guitar. It's so warm and the pickups really cut thru a mix. I am playing this thru an Axe-FX/Mesa 20/20 rig right now and at home in my studio I play it thru my H & K TriAmp. It really sings - that's the best way to describe it.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action right out of the case was pretty impressive. I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to setting up my guitars so I did a few minor adjustments. Now, keep in mind that you'll notice by the picture that this one comes equipped with a D-Tuna D-tuning system. Very handy to switch over to Drop-D inside of a second or two. This option is a custom option but it is available to anyone who orders these guitars. As of this writing I have one Modern with and one without the D-Tuna. Along with that comes a Tremol-no so you can lock the guitar before D-Tuning it. It's a necessary piece of gear in my opinion since this is a recessed Floyd rout. Speaking of which, I have reviewed both the Tremol-no and the Gotoh Floyd on here and I have to say that I am very happy that Suhr uses these items as factory equipment.

The finish is amazing - it's called Aqua Burst. The quilt is so deep it looks like you can dive in and go swimming! Now, keep in mind that Suhr uses CNC machines to route their guitars. So, you can basically customize your guitar very well but not 100%. That's okay in my opinion - I think giving a customer the amount of choices they do is a great thing. Some companies don't give you that amount of flexibility in your product.

The pickups are direct mounted and mine were set up where I have a black bridge pickup and a zebra neck pickup. I have that on most of my guitars... it's my "thing", I dunno. Anyway, the pickups are mounted perfectly - no adjustment necessary. The frets are stainless steel jumbo (6100) and the radius on this model is 16".

Reliability & Durability The reliability of ANY guitar depends on that of the player as well as the quality of the instrument. You can't go wrong with this guitar as far as quality goes so I would say that it's pretty reliable. I never gig without a backup guitar so I can't say that I would endorse that idea but I have taken it to sessions and one gig where I was a guest player and I never had an issue.

Customer Support I am a Suhr artist and while that may lead some to believe that I am too biased I have to say that I am a firm believer in only endorsing the products that you are proud of. If anyone ever inquired as to my standards from any company, that said company would tell you what a pain I can be to work with! I am very picky and meticulous when it comes to stuff I have to play. I challenge the companies I work with and Suhr is no different. Suhr has been incredibly accommodating to my needs - especially the D-Tuna issues that they were very hesitant to do at first. Suhr is a smaller company and with that comes pretty good customer service. They seriously have been a pleasure. 5 star service - for real!

Liked about it I would say first on this list is the fact this guitar is just downright comfortable. It balances well and feels "right". Another would have to be that this guitar looks gorgeous. It's a real head turner at shows and many people ask questions about it - especially those that haven't heard of Suhr. Lastly, the action that you can get on this guitar scares me! It can get so low and it can spoil the hell out of you. It is one of the best playing guitars that own.

Didn't like After a glowing review it's hard to knock this guitar but I will say just one thing and one thing only that I would like to see improved: The upper fret access could be just a touch better. Now, there is good reason for this... Suhr has always been a company that built 22 fret guitars. This was their first foray into 24 frets. The lower horn could be maybe moved in about 1/2 inch or so and that's about it. You have to angle your hand just a bit to play up on the 23rd and 24th frets but I have gotten use to that. It's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. I understand that they are changing this slightly on the Modern 7-string and I have one order now so we'll see how that goes!

Overall satisfaction:

By clubshred
Aug 04, 2010
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Price: $1190 to $3541
Compare Prices
at 20 stores

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