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STi-T Guitar

By Moser Custom Shop.

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Best-kept secret around!!

Sound The guitar comes equipped with a blade-style ceramic magnet bridge pickup reminiscent of a Dimarzio X2N and a neck pickup that reminds me of a Dimarzio Super II. The combination works extremely well'metal chords on the bridge pickup are full and crunchy and solos on the neck pickup are fluid and glassy. The Licensed Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo is set up in a way I've never experienced'double-stop bends don't pull other strings flat due to the floating of the tremolo. The tremolo has just the right amount of resistance and is rock-solid staying in tune after a massive dive-bomb. The thing I can't get over is that this guitar just says 'play me.' I can't seem to put it down. The fret board has diamond inlays that represent the quality of this instrument and the quilt on the top is exquisite (see pics).

I played this guitar through a Mesa Boogie Mark V, a Marshall JVM410H, a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MK II, and a hand-wired Marshall 1974X'I could not get a bad sound out of it. Every tone I wanted from neck pickup glassy cleans to punishing metal were all on tap. The pots are smooth and interactive, and a quick peek into the control cavity shows clean, dressed wiring and neat soldering with proper grounding. Came set up with D'Addario .010's.

Action, Fit, & Finish Straight out of the case this guitar was set up better than some guitars that I've had set up by other professionals. The fit and finish on this guitar is absolutely superb. Just strumming a chord or two acoustically I can feel incredible depth and resonation and the chords sound both warm and bright. The maple neck is that inviting 'just right' C-shape that is great for chording but the higher fingerboard radius still allows for wicked-fast single note runs. The body is alder with a maple neck. Initially, I thought the fret board was ebony but later realized that it was actually an extremely-high quality piece of rosewood. (I contacted Moser directly to verify.) The color-matched headstock is just one of those elegant finishing touches that only top-shelf instruments have. The playability of the guitar is wonderfully complemented by the phenomenal quilt top.

Reliability & Durability Have only had it a couple weeks but it's been rock-solid--no complaints here!!

Customer Support Their e-mail support is quick and thorough, even though I didn't have a problem and was just asking questions.

Liked about it Excellent guitar for the price.
Set up extraordinarily well.
Comes with a hard-shell case

Didn't like Came with .010's--I play .009's

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By racerevlon
Nov 13, 2009
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