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Great axe for cheap !!!

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Sound The great sound and tone got from this axe comes from the Bill Lawrence L500 bridge pickup they mount in almost all the Nuno Bettencourt Signature models. It's really the only pickup I've tested that really gives you a professional sound apart from the DiMarzio's, Duncan's or EMG's. Super high output, similar to a Super Distortion, but with a distinctive and clearer sound that allows you to get wide range of blues-rock-metal tones in any kind of amlpifier. Also, you can get extra sound combinations with the volume pot, which switch the humbuckers to single coil pickups if you pull it up. Particularly for me, this is specially useful in clean sounds to get a thinner and crystaline tone. I also like the toggle type pickup switch a lot more that the strat-type switches. Neck humbucker is a Washburn series pickup with a simply decent sound, but that will not be a problem as you will easily get addicted to the sound of the Bill Lawrence and you probably won't use it anymore. So, this axe's sound is absolutely a 10.

Action, Fit, & Finish This is the other 10. You can get a really low action with this guitar's tremolo. It's an acceptable Washburn licensed S600 Floyd Rose. I personally own and love the 90's N2 models, that came with grover tuners and great woods, not the recent chinese reeditions... The alder body is a little wonder. Small, super-comfortable and very light. It makes a pleasure to play this guitar, and it also makes it different from other rock axes that are exactly the opposite. It's very ergonomic, from the first moment you sit and play it, you detect that its shape and design have been very studied to be comfortable. The position of the volume control and the pickup switch is so great because they're far away from the area where you pick, so they doesn't bother you at all while playing, as it happens in other superstrats. The natural body finish is really nice. It's not completely clear-coated so it gets a bit dirty after a while, so you probably have to clean this guitar more often than others, but it makes it beautiful. Aesthetically it's one of prettiest guitars I've ever seen, the shape of the reversed headstock is just gorgeous! I got a second hand factory-unmodified 1997 model for $250 (I couldn't afford an N4), and I just swapped the Washburn tremolo for an OFR (routing perfectly compatible) and now I have a killer guitar for life! 5 star rating!

Reliability & Durability As I just said, I bought a 12 year old model that I've been playing for about a year. I had no problems at all with it. Woods are in great condition, sound is superb, and I've taking it to rehearsals, gigs, with great results !! I insist, for me it's one of the guitar models that will make history in the guitar world as long as it's very close to perfection in all areas !

Customer Support - Have not used.

Liked about it - Comfort and light weight.
- Bill Lawrence Pickup.
- Look.

Didn't like - It has only 22 frets (Used to 24 fret necks).

Overall satisfaction:

By crazyibanez
Aug 22, 2010
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Built to Last

Sound The guitar has 2 humbuckers in neck and bridge positions, with a push/pull tap in the volume pot. The Bill Lawrence pickup is very versatile, especially when combined with the coil tap. I play everything from Metal to Jazz, and I find I can nail every tone that I am looking for with this pickup. I run the guitar straight into a Blackheart Handsome Devil, with a Boss DS-1, A Digitech Chorus Factory, Dunlop Crybaby, or sometimes only with a Boss GT-8.

The neck pickup leaves something to be desired as it is very muddy with too much low end. To get the sound you want from a neck position, I would suggest swapping it for a Duncan Jazz or '59, like the N4 model.

Reliability & Durability The finish on mine is the natural finish. The guitar is very reliable and I have gigged with it in the past with no worries or issues.

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it 1. Bill Lawrence Pickup - great sounds overall both when playing clean or dirty. Nice for harmonics, rhythm, or some lead tones.

2. Tremolo - the N2 I own is from the early 90's and, while I have not played any recent models, I would put this trem up there with the best of them. It is very stable and does not require much in the way of adjustments.

Didn't like Neck pickup - the neck pickup is a stock Washburn, which I find quite muddy. You could probably fix this by swapping it out for a Duncan '59, a la the N4.

Overall satisfaction:

By Nickelo
Jan 16, 2011
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