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Washburn WG587 7-String

This fully professional seven string features a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, a fixed bridge for absolute tuning stability, and a humbucker-humbucker pickup configuration that creates a wide range of tone. The alder body is lightweight but solid, so it can take plenty of abuse as it goes back and forth to the lesson room to the garage. The fingerboard is made...

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Great guitar, AMAZING price!

Sound First, I'll go over the basic specs.

Built in: China
Body wood: Alder
Neck wood: Maple
Fretboard wood: Rosewood
Frets: 24 medium-jumbo
Pickups: medium-high output Washburn humbuckers (Bridge and neck) w/ pickup rings
Other Electronics: Vol/Tone with a 3 way. Nothing special with the output jack either
Tuners: Grover
Bridge: TOM style with tailpiece
Nut: Plastic
Neck joint: Bolt-on with contours for comfort (like an AANJ)

Now! On to sound!

Clean: The pickups are not the best for it. The cleans will stay clean but the overall tone is nothing special. Not bad by any means but definitely could benefit from aftermarket pickups. The lack of a 5 way means no coil splitting so if you're looking for strat spank, either keep looking or put in a 5 way. The tone is very versatile and active though! All the way up is very bright and all the way down is very dark and it has every feeling in between. Volume is great as well. Not really much to describe there.

Dirty: This is where this thing shines! I play Death Metal (Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath, etc.) and this thing could handle all the low tunings, fast attack, and "shredding" that I threw at it with ease! And when I rolled back the volume and played with the tone, I could get an amazing array of Blues, Jazz, Country and even Bluegrass tones. I couldn't believe it! Also did Djent tones and classic rock very well! If you play any of those and need a cheap 7 string or just want one to toy with or mod, GET THIS GUITAR!

Action, Fit, & Finish No opinion. Got this baby used!

I liked the finish though. I got the metallic black model (depending on the lighting, it's either black or grey. Similar to the Iron Pewter finish that we Ibanez nerds all probably have a guitar in)

Reliability & Durability This is my RG7620's backup and it's definitely a worthy one! I've even chosen it over the RG7620 simply because I felt like it and because I trusted it. I'm not sure if I would use this without a backup or not though. I guess I already do though (since I don't have a backup for my backup :lol: ).

Customer Support Never spoken with them but I've heard great things!

Liked about it The neck is SO F**KING COMFY!!! Round yet thin and just fits like a glove.
The pickups kept clarity no matter how low I tuned (all the way to F# I might add).
She's a simple beauty! Sure, she's not a swirl or a neon but all the curves seem to work well with eachother.
Stays in tune like a champ!
THE PRICE!!! I got mine for $100. I would easily pay $500 for this thing. Don't let the "Made in China" sticker throw you off

Didn't like That stupid tailpiece. Why is that needed? Making it a string-thru would have been better on the looks, tone, sustain etc. And it would have been cheaper to make.

If you have the black model (this won't look as good on the red or silver,)take it off, make it a string-thru, fill the mounting holes, put electrical tape over the bare wood spots and enjoy the improved guitar.

Overall satisfaction:

By D.M.RG7620
Dec 23, 2011
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