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Peavey Wolfgang Standard Ivory

Solid body arch top, double custom wound humbuckers, licensed Floyd Rose, birdseye maple neck w/dual graphite stabilization rods, 3x3 tuners.

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Peavey is selling sex right here! featured

Sound Oh my God, this thing is a complete MONSTER!! That was my initial thought when I plugged this girl straight into my tube stack for the first time. Peavey and EVH were right on the mark when they designed this guitar, that's for damn sure. The Standards (not the Specials, they are a bit different and another review) were built with extremely resonant basswood bodies that were specifically picked for their tonal qualities. Strumming it acoustically sans amplifier produces an unusually loud volume and tone directly due to the choice tone wood AND the extremely tight neck to body joint which allows unrestricted NATURAL resonance that is almost unbelieveable. The licensed Floyd Rose tremolo is very beefy, solid and stable which contributes to the incredible sustain. Lastly is the pickups, which is ironically the FIRST thing that players replace because typically they just don't match the tone wood at all and just sound like crap. This is where EVH also made sure that the custom wound pickups matched the guitar. They sure do. Perfectly. They are direct mounted to the body to take advantage of the natural tone and sustain of the body and neck. The tone that this guitar produces is nothing short of orgasmic. The bridge growls and screams with shimmering harmonics without ever getting muddy or the lows washing out the highs. The balance between the frequencies is just perfect. The neck pickup is so warm and fat that it can produce that clean bluesy/jazzy tone that you have been searching for but haven't yet achieved. The pickups are matched so perfectly, you would be a complete tone-def moron to replace them...nothing would sound better.

Action, Fit, & Finish These guitars set up like a high priced boutique guitar at a fraction of the price. The action can be set so low that it plays itself. The dual graphite rods in the neck (it is seperate from the truss rod) are solely there to insure the utmost stability in the neck. The necks are arrow straight and will not twist, and that will give you the best platform for the ultimate set up with minimal action hight and minimal fret buzz and no dead spots. The birdseye figuring on the fretboard is nothing short of beauiful. The neck profile is a direct computer scan of EVH's Frankenstein Kramer neck and has that "broken in" feel right out of the case. It is extremely comfortable and you won't experience any wrist or hand fatigue from extended playing. The body paint itself is a nice high shine and durable finish that looks very classy and the black binding tops off the look. The ivory tuning machines is a nice small detail that looks great and matches perfectly. I was also very impressed on how well this guitar was put together. The first time I tried to remove the neck I was actually thinking that I was going to have to use a rubber mallet to get the neck out of the pocket! The tolerances are so precise and there is NO slop, this is something that other guitars fail in. You may not think it's such a big deal, but when you hear the resonance for the first time and realize that it has a lot to do with the construction you'll wonder why other major manufacturers don't bother to take the time to "get it right" instead of mass producing an "average" product but still pay a premium for. Last but not least, for some reason this guitar feels like playing a short scale but in reality she's a 25.5" scale all the way.

Reliability & Durability I've never had any issue with this guitar in the time that I have owned it. The neck is the most stable of ANYTHING that I have owned before. The only thing that may bother some is that basswood is typically soft and the back of the guitar is fairly easy to get dented because the wood is so soft.

Customer Support I haven't had to make the call, but since this line has been discontinued I don't know if Peavey will be able to do anything.

Liked about it What it's all about...the monster tone this magic guitar oozes out. It's an extremely comfortable guitar to play and I love the figuring in the neck and fretboard. To me it's a real piece of functional art. I hate to be cliche because it's SO overused, but I can say with great confidence that a Wolfgang Standard would be one of, if not THE most prized guitar in a collection based on tone and playability. Some don't care for the shape, but it's all about tone and feel.

Didn't like What I don't like is that Peavey doesn't make this guitar anymore!!! The HP line is an evolution of this guitar, but it isn't the same.

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By Mattitude
Feb 26, 2010
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