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Cheap and affordable Stratocaster guitar in HSS.

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Cheap and solid bugger featured

Sound To test the guitar I hooked it up to my Carvin V3 direkt no effects.

Undistorted through the clean channel the guitar sounds very nice and crisp. The Single Coils Sound very Stratocaster'ish and give a good amount of sparkle. The Humbucker is kind of medium output but has a solid bunch, it sounds quite similar to the Sambora Signature Strat (in passive mode), the Humbucker also has a good amount of sparkle and falls in line with the Singles.

When you hook it up to Crunch and heavy distortion it also still feels like a real Stratocaster Sound, the Humbucker really kicking in. With very High Gain you get a good amount of noise from the single coils as expected, but all in all very nice pickups and sounds for such a cheap guitar. The Humbucker has almost no added noise (due to being a humbucker) and blends very nicely. Of course the guitar is not for the deathmetal crowd it gives a good punch.

All in all I am very pleased with the sounds which can easily hold their own against much more expensive Mexican Fenders and the sounds IMHO blow away any Squiers I tried.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar pretty much feels like a Stratocaster against your body. The neck has a decent feel, for me it is a little on the thick side (used to Wizards) but has a good radius to play with.

The neck finish can be a bit sticky, I personally would sand it down, but this should be OK for that price.

The overall finish is really nice and is on par with much more expensive guitars.

The trem is a real downside for me as it looks real cheap and of course does not hold tuning well, due to its vintage design. The grafite like saddle tries to mitigate this, but well, do not try to many bombs with it...

I personally would prolly block the trem, as the tuners again are actually quite good.
The action and frets are mediocre for my taste, but again very OK for the price. I have seen worse on Studio Gibsons. However you should let your shop check the intonation.

All in all I am very pleased with the guitar and will add it to my list of "good beginner guitars" to recommend to my students.

Reliability & Durability No long time experience of course, it is quite well built and should take some beating.

Customer Support No dealings with them.

Liked about it - Nice Sounds (good humbucker)
- Very nice overall built
- Nice price tag

Didn't like - Neck finish
- Trem
- Intonation (from factory, this was an easy fix)

I give it 4 stars for the real good price!

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Feb 10, 2010
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