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BC Rich Assassin PX3T Electric Guitar Onyx

Musical Instruments

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Great bang for the buck!

Sound The sound on factory pups were quite nice, maybe the best pups in this price. They suited well for rock/hardrock and with correct amp settings they were nice for metal too. Push/pull pot for splitting coils, for those strat-style sounds. I loved the cleans. I used several amps and settings, from Line 6 Pod to valve amps.

Action, Fit, & Finish Guitar was set up properly. The strings were D'addarios, but since I don't like them I changed them to some ernie balls. It was totally playable straight out the box. I bought it from thomann, and the box seemed like it came straight from the factory, so no setup made in the store, as far as I know.

Reliability & Durability I had this guitar over a year and I thought i'd never get rid of it.. But then again, got some serious G.A.S and got myself a Ibanez. I would definitely take a backup guitar to gig with this one, but that's because of the floyd rose-tremolo which goes out of tune if you break a string. The finish was great, I even dropped it once, but there wasn't a single ding on it.

Liked about it Weight and sound: this thing weighed a ton and it resonated very well.

Looks: It looked cool and all. I really liked the bindings and black colour, it looked classy. Only thing I didn't like was the inlay.

Neck Through design: This one had one of the best fret access's ever.

Didn't like The inlay, as mentioned before.

Black chrome hardware.. It wears of quite fast, at least with my sweats p.h.

Overall satisfaction:

By FrostStorm
Jan 21, 2010
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