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BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Electric Guitar Onyx

Musical Instruments

Price: $885 to $885 at 1 stores
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A tribute to the man! featured

Sound The sound of this guitar is full on bright and boisterous.
It's not a very flexable guitar when compared to a strat or an rg, but this guitar transcends the need for single coil chime, or slightly overdriven humbucker tones.... to put it lightly this guitar was born to kill.
The Dimarzio x2n is a really powerful dual rail pickup along the lines of a Bill Lawrence xl-500 or a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker so you know it's producing chunk and power aplenty but it doesn't lose consistency of tone when bending notes.
If you are familiar with the band Death then you probably know exactly what to expect sound-wise, if you aren't familiar just imagine the most technical and brutal thrash tones imagineable.
I tested this guitar through a VHT sig x on the lead channel and it smoothed out the tone a bit and the solos came out quite nicely. I also tried this guitar through a Splawn quickrod and that is defintely the amp for this guitar. The crunch is awesome, the power is there, not the best for cleans but this guitar gets a free pass in that area.

Action, Fit, & Finish This guitar is the tribute one, not the uber expensive custom shop american one.
Having said that this guitar was well thought out and it's the first stealth to ever be offered at such a bargain.
The neck is fast although im not the biggest fan of the finish (think a slim 60's Gibson neck but even thinner).
The inlays are cool and under-stated, the tuners are smooth, the bridge i simple and the controls are too.
Two of the frets were different heights, but that's a 15 dollar fix at the luthier, and everything was spot on.

Customer Support I have dealt with B.C Rich before and they were less than helpful on the phone but they were quite fast by email.

Liked about it -Simple but solid
-Great tribute to a metal pioneer
-Sounds and looks badass

Didn't like -Only in black (but i can understand why)
-Would like more goodies

Overall satisfaction:

Oct 04, 2009
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Price: $885 to $885
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A worthy guitar to a worthy shredder.

Sound The guitar itself is very versatile, though only having 1 pickup. I am a very all around guitar player, and the high output pickup doesn't only growl and bash like an untamed beast, it can sound like a real clear single-like tone. Almost every style can be played with this guitar, because it can produce not only roaring thunders of metal, but also warm and jazzy/bluesy tones and trebled, clear Clapton sounds. I mostly use my high output Digitech Death Metal pedal on my Vox VT30AD. But also without the pedal the amp can produce very good metal sounds from it.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar had a good action, but not optimal. The strings were too thin for it. Since the scale length is 24 5/8" and it was fitted with .009/.042 strings, it was sounding very flappy. I replaced them with .010/.052 for D standard and they sounded great, no need for intonation. The pickup was adjusted like heaven. Nothing to say about it.

Reliability & Durability The guitar is very good, but it has a poor tuning stability for such an expensive guitar. The Grovers aren't quite the high end tuners you'd expect. I have never used it in a gig, but you could definitely depend on it. The tuning stability may be poor, but I think that has to do with a too low tension from the strings. So that could be my fault. It looks solid as a rock, and with such a minimalistic setup (1 pup, 1 piece of metal for bridge, 1 pot meter) nothing can go wrong.

Liked about it The Neck, it plays really well, and I love the shape. It is a thin-ish C-shape, thinner than a Dean, and for those who don't know Deans, it is definitely thinner than a Gibson neck.

The setup, It really is minimalistic, but it is all you need really. The things that are on it are great.

The looks, It looks like a beast, and it can be a beast. It really plays itself.

Didn't like The bridge, that is something that can go wrong. If you replace the strings, and you take off the bridge, be sure not to touch the screws for setting the distance of the bridge. It can mess up your intonation.

The bad fabrication strings. They were too thin, and really forced me to buy a new pack of strings. Now that isn't the end of the world, but it is the fact that it just doesn't play right.

The materials, I would love to see this guitar in anything else but black. Like for instance a flame maple top with a transparent red finish.

Overall satisfaction:

May 30, 2011
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Price: $885 to $885
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at 1 stores

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