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BC Rich WMD Son of Beast Electric Guitar Onyx


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An Outstanding Guitar. featured

Sound My music styles are metal (Power/Thrash/Classic) and shreddy/virtuoso style stuff. I'm playing it through a Peavey 5150 Combo and using 9 Guage DR Extra's(Red Devils).

The guitar has a very thick sound. Full. It's smooth but the stock pickups are a little bit muddy. And they're output is a little lower than the Dimarzio's I'm use to (D-activators and X2N). I'll change them out when I get some money.

Action, Fit, & Finish The setup wasn't the best. It was a factory setup and the low E was full of buzz. The action was crazy low and there was literally no relief in the neck. Easily fixable but on a guitar with an MSRP over $1000 it shouldn't be required.

All the hardware was properly routed in and there is no wobble or play in any of the bridge parts or the nut or the tuners. It has a very solid feel. There are no manufacturing flaws that I have seen.

The pickups were adjusted to pretty much the exact right spot. Any higher and the strings would hit them and any lower and they wouldn't get the high gain roar Metallers want (because of their lower output).

In short:
Aside from the setup the workmanship on this guitar is flawless. The finish is drop dead gorgeous.

Reliability & Durability I've had it for 2 weeks.

Customer Support I have not dealt with the company.

Liked about it I have to mention this here. I play a lot of wacky shaped guitar. This isn't even my first beast.
This guitar is light. It weights less than my Ibanez Xiphos, and is comparable to a basswood RG. The smaller body of the SoB makes a huge difference. I also haven't experienced any neckdive problems but I don't seem to have those problem with any wacky shaped guitars. No back pain or bruises on the shoulder with this guy!

The fretboard is the smoothest thing I have ever played. Even with a fatter none Ibanez neck it's like playing butter. Plus I love the fact that they aren't any inlays on it. It really helps with the "aggresive" look of the guitar.

The cutaway on the lower Horn is unbelieveable. This isn't my first neck through but it has the most amazing cutaway I've ever played (and I work teaching at a music store). I can play the 24 fret and my hand doesn't touch the body at all. Couple this with the buttery fretboard it's unparralled freedom.

Didn't like The biggest problems are the pickups. They're no better than the mudbuckers that come on low-end Ibanez. And I have a RG321 to compare them too.

I'm not a big fan of Tune-o-matics either, but they seem to work with this guitar. If you really don't like them stay away.

Overall satisfaction:

By AxeHappy
Nov 13, 2009
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