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Dean Black Gold Z Electric Guitar Black Gold

The Dean Black Gold Z Electric Guitar features a solid Z-shaped mahogany body and neck with a flame maple top. The transparent black finish allows the flame grain to shine through, giving this instrument a unique air of diabolical beauty. Finishing ...

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The Very Best Explorer Type Guitar For the Money! featured

Sound Really Great Build Quality & Finish, 2005/2006 Korean Made, High Quality Attention To Detail! Set Neck Mahogany Body & Neck w/Black Transparent Flame Maple Top W/Matching Flame Maple Headstock, along with Full Body, Neck, & Headstock Bindings. Low Action, Killer Fast Maple Top Pick-Attack, & Warm Mahogany Set Neck Sustain With Tune-O-Matic Bridge & Strings Thru The Body. Rosewood Fingerboard, Great Frets, Decent Looking Pearloid Block Inlays, 2 Vol, 1 Tone, A 3 way Pickup selector and Dual Humbuckers All Add Up To A Guitar That Makes You Sound, and Look, VERY COOL!

Action, Fit, & Finish All The Above Being Said This Is NOT My 1st Dean Black & Gold Z Explorer! My 1st One Looked AND Sounded INCREDIBLE, Bought New, From Neal's Music in Huntington Beach, Ca. But I Began To Notice I kept "Tuning" & Re-Tuning, Checking My Tuner, Etc, "TOO MUCH" on This Guitar While Playing & Warming Up on It! And It Finally Dawned on Me after about a Month or Two, That The Mahogany Neck Wood Was "Too SOFT", or Really FLEXED a Bit TOO MUCH, "ANYTIME" I Would "Move" the Guitar While Playing, Or Quickly "Standing Up", Etc, While Sustaining Open "D&G" Strings, to Arrive At a "G" Chord Essentially. It Was Then, that I Noticed I Could Hear The Guitar Going OUT Of TUNE, as If The Mahogany Neck Wood Was "So Soft" or, "Un-Dense", that It Was More On Par With A "Balsa-Wood" Neck!?

Reliability & Durability The Dean Black & Gold Z Explorer Came With A 1Year Warranty, So Luckily I Noticed the Problem Before That Year Was Up. And Both Neal's Music, & The DEAN FACTORY FOLKS Down in FLORIDA, Quickly Offered To MAKE My Purchase RIGHT, By REPLACING My "Balsa-Wood-Neck" Dean Black & Gold Z Explorer, with A "Stronger", Higher DENSITY Mahogany NECK Z Guitar!

Customer Support Cant Complain!, I Mean, The Only Inconvienence was At 1st, I Had To Pay To SHIP My Guitar Back To The Dean Factory in Florida, But They Did Check Around 8 Of em' in Stock, and Did Happen to Find An EXCELLENT BLACK & GOLD Z Replacement With A Killer Straight-Dense Mahogany Neck! That Now, I RARELY Have To Retune! It Stays In Tune For Weeks Really, and that's with the Stock Dean Machine Heads!, And, The DEAN Guys Hooked Me Up With A DEAN T-SHIRT & DEAN HAT when I Recieved My New Dean Z Back!

Liked about it Fast Dealer & Factory Support!, DEAN Makes Some of The COOLEST EXPLORER Type Guitars You Will EVER ENCOUNTER!, But You Should Never Buy, Or Get A Guitar, ONLY BECAUSE OF "HOW COOL or AWESOME IT LOOKS"! You Really Have To "Close Your Eyes" Sometimes, And "Really LISTEN", to Whats Going On In Your Playing! Don't Get Me Wrong!, I LOVE "Cool" LOOKING Guitars!, And, Have Had My Share Of 1982 Flame Maple Top-IBANEZ SET NECK DESTROYERS, Jackson 1987 Red SnakeSkin Custom Shop 1 Hum Soloist, Custom Painted "Green & Black Tiger Stripe" 1986 Model 1 Maple Neck Charvel Strats, Etc. So, It Is Cool-To Have Unique, Or Flashy Looking Guitars, But If It Doesn't Play, Or Sound, "Just Right", I Cant Even Play Really!, Come to Think of It, Ive Read Interviews with Slash & Lynch who Speak Of Feeling the Same way About TONE and the Essence of Playing The Guitar, In That, It's NOT Happenin'. If The Tone, & Vibe in thier Tone Chain, INCLUDING Thier Guitars, ISN'T Right! Another Thing That's REALLY A GREAT SUPRISE About These DEAN's, Is Smart Design! In How the Strings Go THRU the Maple Body Top, and Anchor Themselves To The Mahogany Body Back With The Ball Ends Of Your Strings Into Metal Sting Eyelets! Its A Sound And Sustain You Can Feel, as Well As Hear, That Is Very Resonant, Yet Punchy! I Can See Myself Buying Another Guitar Like This, Simply Because It's A Smart Design That Increases TONE that Simply ROCKS!

Didn't like It Would Be COOLER IF DEAN Hooked The BASIC BLACK & GOLD Z Guitar,(and ALL THIER GUITAR's!), with Graphite Stability Rods, Or Some OTHER Internal Neck Rod "Stiffener'"! So that Way, In Case that Some Of Thier Neck Wood Stock, Ready For Manufacture, that Happens To Be BELOW Acceptable Guitar Manufacturing DENSITY, At Least It Would Eliminate the Chances of Guitars with Sub-Standard Necks! I Mean, Depending on Your String Gauge and Tuning Pitch, Most Guitars Have Near 100 lbs of Tension on The Neck at All Times! So This Is SERIOUS SH**!, BROSEPH!! Also, A New ALL BLACK HARDWARE Version of This Guitar! With Passive EMG HZ4 Pickups, and a BLACKENED Rosewood Fretboard w/White Dot Inlays! But, Keeping ALL The COOL Black Flame Maple Top,The FULL BODY, NECK & HEADSTOCK BINDING Features. But Change the All Gold Hardware To ALL BLACK, For A "New DEAN Z Model" That Can Only Be Described As "None More BLAKK""!

Overall satisfaction:

By Metalbucker
Mar 08, 2010
Last updated: March 09, 2010
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Pretty solid, Massive Tone!

Sound I was pleasantly surprised when I received this guitar after ordering it without having played it. I've always wanted a Gibson Explorer and felt this was the next best thing. My standard procedure on receiving a guitar is to promptly change the pickups, but for the Z, the stock pickups sound quite good. Very aggressive for a metal tone but clean up nicely. Rick warm sound. I have this guitar setup with D'Adarrio 11's, dropped B Tuning and it sounds great! Very clear and articulate response. It's very versatile guitar and thing a much better value tan its' Epiphone counterpart.


Action, Fit, & Finish Again, I was pleasantly surprised with the setup and craftsmanship of an import guitar in this price range. I've owned quite a few Dean Guitars in my day and it really is hit or miss, sometimes you get a lemon. Out of the box she was pretty good to go. Minor setup adjustments needed, intonation was perfect. The finish is absolutely beautiful on the this guitar. TransBlack Finish with very nice creme binding with matching headstock. It's a set neck with Gibson style box MOP fret marker inlays, also has creme binding on the neck + headstock.

Reliability & Durability My experience with Deans ist that they are made to last. Very sturdy, solid guitar. I've wacked the headstock pretty hard a few times accidentally and not even a chip or scrape. You can really feel the quality of the guitar when you are holding it.

Customer Support I have dealt with Dean Guitars a few times, but not for this guitar. Although it was not a terrible experience, it was far from good. The person I was in contact with wasn't very knowledgeable and taook a while to reach/respond to my calls or emails. Dean isn't well known for great customer service, in fact quite the opposite.

Liked about it 1) The Neck
2) The pickups
3) The finish

Didn't like To be honest, for it's price point there isn't much to complain about or not like about this guitar. It's a beautiful guitar, plays well ,sounds + looks great.

Overall satisfaction:

By MTM2-live
Mar 01, 2010
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