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Epiphone Les Paul 100 Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst Featured

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Price: $148 to $225 at 3 stores
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Good Beginner Guitar/Gigging Guitar featured

Sound Alright, so a lot of people like to attack this guitar because it is lower end and they were hoping for a Gibson Les Paul at 250 or so dollars. If that's what your expecting then be ready to disappointed.If you are expecting a decent nice light weight player then it could be for you. This guitar I believe has 2 ceramic humbuckers. They are nothing special, but can get the job done if you have a good rig.They do sound sterile,but there could definitely be worse. I currently use Ernie ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottoms on this guitar, and I enjoy it for lower tunings. It only needed a little bridge adjustment for those strings.It would be a good beginner metal guitar if you know what you are doing. I played this guitar through all my setups from a cheap crate 60 watter, a B52 AT, to now a rack setup with a Mesa Studio Pre. I really didn't have any issues getting a usable clean or metal/rock sound with any of the above combos.

Action, Fit, & Finish Definitely best part of the review. I bought this guitar from musicians friend like around 2005 when I was first beginning. I am going to assume that musicians friend doesn't ever setup guitars. For being a lower level guitar this was the best fretwork I have ever seen from a factory setup guitar.. To put it in perspective, it had better fret work than my Gibson SG Special.. There were no sharp fret ends, the intonation was good out of the box, though the strings were crap. On my SG the fret ends were definitely not as finished as well as this guitar was. The top of this guitar is also very pretty. It looks very well done and actually has a nice burst to it. Only issue I had was a loose jack, but thats not really too much of a problem for me.

Note that I had played a much later version of this guitar around 2010, and the fretwork was horrible. So I either got lucky or the quality has dropped somewhat.

A huge plus on this guitar for me was the neck. The neck is slim, and is easy to get around. Also upper access is good due to a bolt on neck. A lot of people burn this guitar for having a bolt on and being called a Les Paul, but really I don't have any issues with it. It makes it easier to play upper fret music. Future plans for this guitar is to put emg's in it so I have at least one emg guitar, and use it for drop tunings.

Reliability & Durability This guitar is generally reliable. The finish won't come off considered there's that plastic like clearcoat around it. It is very difficult to knick up. I would possibly be afraid of the electronics failing. The switch is definitely probably the first thing that would go. I would bring it to a gig once I sorted though the potential electronic issues.

Also note, the bridge/pickup rings are crappy. The bridge is made out of pot metal and will pit/decay quick quite if you forget to wipe it down after playing. The pickup rings also started warping on me randomly. Though I would probably replace this with the Gotoh TOM import bridge. I did like the speed knobs on the guitar though. They were a plus as I know that the Epiphone LP Standard doesn't have these sadly. The tuners on this guitar weren't bad as well. I know that Epiphone use to put those nasty cheap lower ping tuners on here but they don't do that anymore. These are just basically gotoh copies. They do the job fine.

Liked about it 1. Setup out of the Box- The setup out of the box was great. Simple as that. Better than my Gibson oddly enough.
2. The Neck/Bolt On-If you want an LP with a thinner neck, and good upper access definitely consider this guitar even though it is cheap. I have a Les Paul Standard, and I still enjoy playing the LP-100 just because of the neck.
3. That it is actually considered a Les Paul-I just like to point this out, even though on other sites they give they debate this guitar beginning a Les Paul. Does it have all the feature and normal characteristics of a normal Les Paul? No. It is a much different guitar, but the differences in no way make it a bad guitar. It is still branded as a Les Paul so it is one. Not a knock off copy of any sort by some foreign manufacturer making a buck off Gibson's copyrights.

Didn't like Plain and simple, the electronics, and hardware on this guitar aren't the greatest. If your expecting this on a $250 guitar then you're crazy. If you replace the electronics with some decent stuff, and put some Gotoh hardware, it will be a nice playable reliable guitar. I know many people wouldn't do this, but as it plays so well for me, I figure why not.

I know I'm in the minority defending this guitar, but it is really nowhere as bad as people make it out to be. With a little tlc, and time this guitar can be a solid player.

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By mgk321
Apr 07, 2011
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Price: $148 to $225
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at 3 stores


Sound Using GHS Boomers strings through a Fender FM212R amp. Sound was pretty flat, so changed the stock pups to Wilkinson Zebras, and is still nothing to brag about. Oh, 60's-70's Rock, the only music style.

Action, Fit, & Finish This is a pretty guitar, but not a workhorse that was ready for the road. Had to change out the pups, and am going to change out the cheap tuners as soon as I figure which of them will fit this "made in CHINA" axe (more like a hatchet at this point). It was set up, but with changing the pups out, had to re-do the set-up.

Reliability & Durability Would take this to a gig, only as a backup. The finish is great, but, like my old girlfriends, looks aren't everything.

Customer Support Have not had the opportunity to deal with the company.

Liked about it Let's see...looks, price, that's about it.

Didn't like Pups, tuners, electronics. Like those girlfriends, pretty but not very utilitarian.

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By PeaceChief
Oct 29, 2010
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Price: $148 to $225
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at 3 stores

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