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ESP Kamikaze-1 George Lynch Signature Series Electric Guitar

The ESP Kamikaze 1 George Lynch Signature Electric Guitar features a maple body and neck with an ebony fingerboard that boasts 22 extra-jumbo frets. Hardware on the ESP Kamikaze is black and includes an Original Floyd Rose tremolo. Pickups are a ...

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One of the better signature guitars (1997 model) featured

Sound Sound...I'm going to review as she comes with the stock pickups because you can make just about any guitar sound "good" by swapping the pickups and run through a processor. The solid oversized maple body is a selected piece of quality tone wood, and a very HEAVY one at that! These things weigh as much as a Les Paul so it's best to choose a nice & wide strap to help distribute the weight. The maple body and maple neck with ebony fingerboard give great depth and sustain while the ebony board adds a nice biting brightness and attack. I'm not impressed with the Screamin' Demon pickup in this guitar and it's loaded with so much midrange that it almost sounds brittle. The neck pickup (single coil) sounds like it was just an afterthought as the 60 cycle hum is terrible and is fairly muddy. In my opinion for such an expensive guitar the pickups just don't match at all.

Action, Fit, & Finish The first thing that stands out is the finish! The graphic is very cool and unique with the pattern matching even on the headstock. Also the camo pattern on the body isn't just on the face, it also continues around the edges that gives it more of a custom look. The initial setup was better than average but if the truss rod needs to be adjusted, be prepared to get very irritated. The truss rod adjustment is at the heel of the neck and the only way to get to it is to remove the neck from the body and then it's the "under adjust and then overadjust" back and forth game. Tuning a floating tremolo takes some time to get it right but the worst of the procedure is having to remove and install the neck wood screws. The wood fibers in the screw holes get crushed each and every time that the screw goes in and out of the holes which causes weakening and can eventually strip out after time...and that's not good on an instrument that relies on the 4 neck screws to not only hold on the neck but also maintain the overall stability.

Reliability & Durability This guitar is a high quality instrument and just so happens to be a George Lynch signature model that he actually uses on stage, so that should be enough said about the reliability. You should always have a backup on a gig, but playing this girl will more than likely lead to the reserve collecting dust.

Customer Support ESP has awesome customer support and are always great to talk to.

Liked about it I love how solid this guitar feels and the ebony fretboard is a nice change from the usual rosewood. The graphics are very cool and the fact that Lynch uses an off the rack Kamikaze says a lot of this model. This is one expensive girl but the flipside is that she holds her value extremely well, so if you can score a good deal then it's about as good as money in the bank.

Didn't like She is on EXPENSIVE girl, and that being said I can't understand how wrong these pickups (IMO on the 1997 model) sound. For this much money it should've been better...much better. Everything else seems to justify the price except for the pickups. Lynch has a heavily processed sound so to him it just might not matter what his pickups sound "raw" but that doesn't help me any. For that I can't in good conscience give a 5 rating because the package just isn't complete. The weight is also bordering on extreme if you are an older player like myself and you'll feel it in your shoulders and lower back in less than an hour of playing.

Overall satisfaction:

By Mattitude
Mar 02, 2010
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Price: $3499 to $3499
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It does not get better for the 80's Metal Heads! featured

Sound The body is made out of maple which gives it a very distinct resonance and tone, the Seymour Duncan screemin' demon helps out quite a bit too which gived the sound more bite. I play this beast through a Peavey JSX half stack and a Boss GT-8 for all the non distorted effects. I have all my Lynch guitars set up with 9 gauge strings and tune them to Eb which help to get that punchy 80's Dokken sound. The neck pick up is an ESP brand and it's ok but I recommend a Seymour Duncan lil screamin' demon foe the neck as well to have an equal balance of power and volume without the hum.

Action, Fit, & Finish The factory set up was ok but like with all new guitars it is always best to tweak to your liking but it played resonably well out of the box. The guitar is very solid and Heavy and I have no craftmanship complaints.

Reliability & Durability I have used my Kamies and at shows and I can assure you they are solid and provide very good tuning stability rarely do I have to pick up a back up because it went out of tune. Like all guitars it can wear and scratch if you are a slob but if you take care of them you can play them hard without any fear.

Customer Support Called ESP about a custom once and they were the most helpful people I've dealt with, however I have never had to call them about warrnty issues! (which is good)

Liked about it 1)Thing I like about is the the graphics and the 80's look all over it.
2)The sound is thick and can make the Dokken stuff sound very well. (through the right amp and hands)
3)It's the George Lynch signature man!!!

Didn't like 1)I wish I could get a 24 fret version.
2)poor choice of neck pup for the price you're paying
3)If you are buying it brand new they are expensive

Overall satisfaction:

Oct 08, 2009
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Price: $3499 to $3499
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