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ESP KH-2 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Electric Guitar Black

Musical Instruments

Price: $1400 to $2999 at 2 stores
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Another awesome ESP guitar!

Sound Its actives emgs provide a great headroom for cleans and a great sustain for distortion sounds.
It doesn't has a split switch so you can't get those single coil strat type sound.
The problem is I have a MII and it plays and feels the same way as this guitar,no difference AT ALL,
difference here is only about having Hammett's name.
My sample was recorded with a boss GT10 right to pro tools.

Enter Sandman.mp3

Action, Fit, & Finish Awesome fast neck.With a proper set up it always stays in tune even under severe tremolo abusing.
Fret job is really good ,even with really low action there are no buzzes.

Reliability & Durability No problems.

Liked about it 1- Fretjob

2- H-H config

3- Pickups

Didn't like 1- I prefer toggle switch

2- Looking is boring as hell

3- Price

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Jan 30, 2010
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Price: $1400 to $2999
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at 2 stores


Sound For metal this guitar is spot on, having said that, with the right amp it has great clean tones as well.
But it is a metal beast. OFR is spot on, and I am sucker for cool inlays and little hamster skulls are cool as!!
The one I played had two EMG -81's but I think they come with 60's in the neck now. It has 2 volume and a tone as opposed to the M-II single vol and tone.

Action, Fit, & Finish Was setup out of the store brilliantly, Mark at bMusic is one of the best in Australia.
No flaws, everything is still fully functional.

Reliability & Durability It is not my guitar but the owner has had no problems at all.
Definate gigging guitar.

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it Raw power - the EMGs can really push my amp!
Surprisingly clean, when rolled back on the gain! Independant volumes for each pup helps.
Simple and cool looks. I really like the look of the MII and the inlays just make it!

Didn't like Price hahaha (you do get what you pay for!!) can't afford another guitar.

Overall satisfaction:

Dec 19, 2009
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Price: $1400 to $2999
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at 2 stores

One of the best guitar I have ever played !!

Sound I used this guitar with my Mesa / Boogie Tripple Rectifier. Lets start with the clean sound first. Bright and clear. When push a bit more gain, bluesy tone you can get. If you are not comparing to real Fender. This guitar can deliver a good clean sound.

Switch to high gain sound. Superbbbbbb !! I played Metallica riffs and solos. ( Only Enter Sandman I could play .. hahaha) This guitar is ROCK! Clear harmonic and Long sustain you can hear.

Its a rock monster. If you play metal. This is one of the best I have ever played.

Action, Fit, & Finish Finishing is gloss black. Its a bit boring to me. If I had money enough I would go for Ouija. The pattern makes guitar more beautiful. Gloss black is too classic to me. I bought it used and re setup by my own. So I dont know what the original set up is. Neck is smooth and easy to access the upper frets. Original Floydrose is stay in tune and working perfectly. I rate A+ craftman ship!

Reliability & Durability Its a very good guitar. I have never had problem with.

Customer Support ESP supporting team is awesome. I emailed them many times and get very fast answer. (What I wrote them is asking to put Ouija decal to my guitar and yes, they refused politely to do .. hahaha)

Liked about it 1. Sound great for metal player.
2. Great material used.
3. Very good craftsmanship.

Didn't like Only one point I dont like is .....Too boring finishing. Gloss black .... :-)

Overall satisfaction:

By here.choo
Aug 04, 2009
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Price: $1400 to $2999
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at 2 stores

i was expecting more

Sound that guitar is perfect for metal, the active 81s make this guitar to sound like a metal beast.

Action, Fit, & Finish Well i have to say i'm a big ibanez fan, but this one got it all.
the pickup are ajusted to a perfect height,the bridge was perfectly routed.
cool inlay,maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.
over all nice for what you'r pay'n.

Reliability & Durability Had it just for few month, no issues.

Customer Support no need.

Liked about it EMG pickups.

Didn't like you should get more for that price.

Overall satisfaction:

Feb 07, 2010
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Price: $1400 to $2999
Compare Prices
at 2 stores

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