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ESP LTD EC-256 Electric Guitar Aged Honey Burst

Musical Instruments

Price: $425 to $425 at 1 stores
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Not what I was expecting featured

Sound I was very much looking forward to trying this guitar. The price is right (it was $459 CDN), and it has all of the specs to be a winner. As well, I had heard some good things about the ESP LTD line, so I went in to the test wanting a good result. I didn't get it.

The sound of the guitar I tried was decent, but no better. I was playing through an Orange Tiny Terror, with a lot of gain. Somehow it ended up as being somewhat middling, tone-wise. It was almost as if the finish was muting something -- the tone was very generic, and plasticky. Sustain was fair, but not what one might expect from a Les Paul styled guitar. The lows were not, for example, like the thundering lows that John Sykes got on the "Whitesnake" record, and the highs didn't sing at all. This could have been the fault of the stock pickups, I don't know, and I wasn't about to spend the money to experiment. On the whole it was OK, but just OK. Perhaps I was expecting too much for the price.

Action, Fit, & Finish The store may have done a setup -- I don't know -- but the fit an finish seemed OK. This was a relic-style model, and I was somewhat disappointed to see that the "worn" areas looked as though they had been worn by a large sander. It created the wrong impression, which was mass-produced nostalgia. As well, there was a thick satin finish on everything, making the guitar fell plasticky.

The fretboard was suprisingly well done, with the jumbo frets simply gleaming -- they impressed the hell out of me. Action was low, but not too low, so there was no buzzing anywhere on the neck. The neck was not as thin as I might have liked, but it was thin enough to not feel like a log in my hands. It was easy to play, but uninspiring.

Reliability & Durability n/a -- played the guitar in a store

Customer Support n/a -- played the guitar in a store

Liked about it Price: For the money, it is a pretty good guitar. Not great, but good.
Playability: It is solidly playable, and does many of the things one would expect a Les Paul copy to do in this price range. As noted above, the fretwork was really quite good, and the neck was a comfortable shape. As well, the body, being thinner than a Les Paul, with a belly cut made it quite comfortable.

Didn't like Tone: As noted, the tone was flat and plasticky. Not what I expected from this guitar at all.
Finish: If this was supposed to look like a well-loved guitar, it looked like it was well-loved by a belt sander, then covered with a thick layer of satin polyurethane. Perhaps I expected too much for the money.
Overall feeling: This is a bit of a nebulous "didn't like" and is purely subjective, but I was not excited by this guitar int he slightest. I could possibly make myself purchase one out of a logical argument, but not out of passion. This has worked for me in the past -- it's how I bought my beloved Highway 1 Strat, but passion was beginning to enter into the argument. It wouldn't here.

Overall satisfaction:

By Philboski
Feb 08, 2010
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Price: $425 to $425
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