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ESP LTD JD-600 Jon Donias Signature Series Electric Guitar See-Thru Bl...

The ESP LTD JD-600 Jon Donias electric guitar features a solid mahogany body with a killer flamed maple top and a mahogany set-thru neck. The set-thru neck joint reaches deep into the body wood to maximize contact, assuring a tremendous amount of ...

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Took a while, but totally satisfied... featured

Sound Out of the box, this guitar is a bit odd. First off, the pickups while not really defined as neck or bridge models are reversed from what one might consider normal. This being considered, the bridge position is a tad muddy and the neck position a bit thin. Swapping the pickups around however (A 5 minute solderless job), I couldn't be happier. The neck is thick and creamy and the bridge is tight and punchy; perfect.

In terms of variety, well this guitar comes up short here. 2 non-tapable pickups, a 3-way switch and no tone knob mean getting different tones (Or more precisely; mimicking certain tones) out of this guitar requires your hands to do all of the work. It doesn't really bug me, but I can see the lack of control option being troublesome for a lot of people.

I can't really give a definitive style because my technique is constant regardless of what I play. My band typically plays sludgy, seattle-esque music ala STP and Pearl Jam, though my playing tends to be very tight and percussive.

Amp is a Line 6 Flextone III and strings are D'addario 11-49s (Plain 3rd).

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar wasn't setup bad at the store and gauging by when I bought it versus when it became available, I'd say it was fresh out of the box.

The top isn't really matched, but it's not a trainwreck if that helps.

In regards to flaws, I'd SWEAR the neck is actually cocked forward a bit, sort of like a backwards angle in the heel joint. It might just be all in my head, but again, staring down the neck, I'd swear it was angled a little.

Pickup adjustment was fine out of the box, however I obviously had to adjust them after swapping them, and setting up with the heavier strings. Not an issue though.

Reliability & Durability Feels solid. ESP is using MASSIVE strap buttons lately so you can wait on strap locks for a while.

I usually do gig with it without backups, but I change strings pretty regularly.

The flat finish is pretty cool actually. More of a functional, workhorse type finish in my opinion. Personally, I hope it starts to wear off :D

Customer Support Never dealt with ESP for a problem, but I've contacted them with questions about older LTD models and every time they were more than helpful.

Liked about it I like the reverse headstock design as it creates a baritone effect, tightening up the low strings while loosening the high strings. It makes playing the guitar feel correct.

I like the large pickup spacing. While pickup and control options are limited, the large gap between neck and bridge pickups offers two very distinct tones.

The heel joint is very nice and comfortable, but wasted on a 3-piece body (Yes, a 3-piece body :( ).

Didn't like Don't like the 3-piece body ;)

Not crazy about the lack of control and pickup options and have plans to add some versatility without drilling any holes.

Don't like that neck angle oddity. Again, it's probably in my head by the fact that it is even a thought bugs me.

Overall satisfaction:

By jm1681
Dec 10, 2009
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