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ESP LTD KH-OUIJA Kirk Hammett Ouija Electric Guitar black w/ Ouija gra...

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Contact the fallen METAL heroes! featured

Sound The guitar is Korean made. alder bodied, maple neck-thru with a 24 fret rosewood board with EMG's, the bridge is an 81 and 60 in the neck with a Floyd Rose 1000 trem. It is strung with 9-42 gauge strings.

I play through a Laney LV 300Twin 120 watt, 3 channel tube enabled combo using various pedals such as a Bad Monkey, Clapton Crossroads and a Boss ME-6.

First impressions of this guitar was how nice it sounded acoustically. The guitar is quite loud (for a solid body unplugged!) yet very articulate for the want of a better description.

The neck thru construction certainly helps it ring out and sustain the notes, it has an almost semi-hollow quality to it.

But in reality this guitar is meant to ROCK!

The bridge 81 is everything they are cracked up to be. It is my first EMG loaded guitar and I have heard all of the pros and cons that go with actives, but I really quite like them. Being a Kirk Hammett signature it really punches out those sustained power chords yet is really tight and articulate when riffing. They are very quiet pups, even on the relatively noisy OD 2 channel of the Laney. I have not felt the need to boost the guitar / amp using pedals as the EMGs really kick the OD in the guts! I have heard that the 81 is considered quite brittle when played clean, I have not really found this, although I virtually always have some effect like chorus or reverb on when I play clean.

Rolling the volume down takes away what little twang there is on the 81 when clean. The Ouija, like all of the KH guitars has 2 volume and a master tone. This is great when going from bridge to neck for clean breaks and back again.

The neck has a EMG 60, which in my short time playing it is what I think of as the active equivilant of the PAF Pro. It has that "tubular" rounded and fat sound that is so perfect for Metallica clean intros!

Like I seaid before I have not had that much to do with actives but I really like this combination, they work well together, there is little drop between bridge and neck and the sound doesn't muddy up when you go to the lower frets when using the 60. It is still bass heavy, but when on the upper register is really has definition and that beautiful lead tone like on Puppets, I don't think it would be out of place playing more shred type lead either.

I also play a lot of Clapton blues, and when you roll the gain, bridge volume and tone down on the OD1 "crunch" channel,you can get a pretty good heavy blues sound. Also sounds pretty good on the clean channel using the Crossroads "Layla" and "Sunshine" effects.

The neck is thin and flat, not as thin as a wizard but no where near strat/LP thickness either. This guitar has a painted neck, whilst not to evryone's taste is fine with me. The 24 frets are Extra Jumbos and the star/crescent inlays are really cool, although not the mirrors of the ESP version.

However it really is best suited to Hard Rock - Metal, good ole' Thrash Metal in particular!

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar was set up by Mark at BMusic in Gawler, South Australia. The action was set low and fast, the Floyd was set just right and strings were my choice. Straight out of the shipping packaging it was almost perfectly in tune. The pickups are set well and it came with the clear ESP fret board protector.
I am no shredder but the action is very low and fast, a friend was ripping up on it during the week and found it to be really good also. He plays metalcore and says he like the action for those fast riffs.
The OUIJA graphic is actually silver and looks to be under a good amount of clear, the fret board has no blemishes and the grain is quite tight and even along the whole length.
There are no dings, scratches or any other type of factory marks on the guitar.
The routing is spot on, everything seems to be fitted correctly.
Very happy with how it came, virtually perfectly set up from the very first time I picked it up.
One of the only LTD's that come with a factory hard case, complete with graphics.

Reliability & Durability Only had it for a month.
Seems very well made and stays in tune really well.

Customer Support N/A
Although Shane a BMusic spoke to me about how I wanted it set up prior to shipping.

Liked about it The neck. Just right, not to thick not too thin. XJ frets are great. Plays like a dream.
The cool factor. The OUIJA graphic really appeals to me, the inlays are very cool and it has that Limited Edition factor as I think there were only 1000 LTD versions of it made and only in 2009. Comes with OUIJA hard case.
The pick ups. I really like how these pups sound, they really are very different to my DiMarzio loaded Ibanez.

Didn't like The painted neck may not appeal to all, I do not mind it, but you can always sand it back.
One of the most expensive LTDs, but it is Limited and does come with a hard case. Kind of adds to the apeal really.....

Overall satisfaction:

May 22, 2010
Last updated: May 26, 2010
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