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ESP LTD M-100FM Electric Guitar See-Thru Black

The ESP LTD M100FM Electric Guitar, with itsreverseheadstock and dual ESP LH humbuckers, delivers a broad tone with searing highs.ESP carefully designs & builds all of their instruments with painstaking selection of materials & components and ...

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Very good budget rock guitar featured

Sound I purchased this guitar back in 2000 and it's been my #1 until getting my JS a year and a half ago. I originally purchased it because I liked the LTD M line's resemblance to the Hammett series without the price tags. It also felt good in my hands compared to a few more expensive models that I tried. The string space was comfortable, not too wide or tight and the flat radius helped with sweeps and large bends. I believe the body is mostly agithis, which is similar in tone character to alder, but the maple top adds a little more snappyness. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard that also serves to enhance the treble aspects of the guitar. I found the stock pickups to be a little lacking in definition. They were decent for hi-gain sounds but the neck would become muddy very quickly. I also found the neck pickup a little bassy on clean settings and usually played the guitar with the tone knob on 10 to compensate. For rock, there are better options, but it would provide a very nice jazz wooly tone that belies its reversed headstock and hardcore looks. The bridge pickup was also adequate for metal and hard rock but after a few years and a change in musical taste, I swapped these to a Dimarzio Paf Joe and Fred combination. This brightened the guitar a little but it made it more crisp and midrangy as well. I had always had difficulty getting a clear tone when hitting a bassy open note and then playing something higher up on the neck. The pickup swap helped this considerably but the tone was still a little fuzzy and unrefined. The bridge was decent, it stayed in tune fairly well but I eventually swapped this, with some modifications, to an original edge. This did not impact the tone much but I made the switch mainly because I wanted a slightly lower profile and a trem bar that would remain in place. As you can expect, the bridge and neck profiles didn't match and the intonation was a bit problematic. Still, it served me well for a few more years and provides me with a very capable back up today. The sound is more suited to rock.

Action, Fit, & Finish Another reason I purchased this guitar was because of the set-up. It felt better in my hands than some of the other more expensive guitars I was trying. I believe it was set-up at the music store I purchased it, which has since closed, and they did an excellent job. I also took it back there when I needed to change the strings and they were very helpful in showing me how to make adjustments with the Floyd Rose trem.

Reliability & Durability I've played the guitar for almost 10 years. The neck is still straight and the action is still pretty good. It could probably use a fret level as there are some buzzy spots, but I believe it's been well worth the $300 USD I paid for it originally. The finish is thick and I've put some dents in it without breaking through to the wood. The wiring has never let me down and all the soldering joints/shielding etc. has held up over the years. I highly recommend it's durability.

Customer Support I've never had to deal with them.

Liked about it 1. Thin neck with a satin finish played really well.
2. Played it for years and it's always come through.
3. Great finish.

Didn't like 1. Stock pickups need to be upgraded.
2. I came to prefer the Ibanez Edge/EdgePro trems to the Floyd Rose

Overall satisfaction:

By smooth55
Aug 04, 2009
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Price: $329 to $329
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well...worth the money I guess

Sound The sound was very average, to say the least. With the distortion, I had a hard time finding a good tone for metal, which is what I play more than anything. I got high gain and a heavy sound, but it just lacked that soul to it. When playing clean, it was a similar story. I usually prefer a warm tone when I play, as opposed to a bright clear tone, but on both pickups it somehow manages to stay in between those 2 tones. It was just...average.

Action, Fit, & Finish The reason I bought this guitar is that I wanted to buy another guitar with a Floyd Rose, but at the time I had little or no experience playing on one. I got this so I didn't have to spend 1000 dollars on this other guitar before finding out I hated the tremolo. As far as the Floyd on this goes, it works surprisingly well. I can lower it and then almost hang the guitar just from the arm, and then go back to being right in tune. the action was somewhat easy to set up. I released the string tension, lowered the Floyd a couple of millimeters, then tightened it all back up and testing it out. I had to adjust the truss only a very minor amount. No matter what the setup was, the pickups seemed scratchy, as if bending the strings was grinding against the frets. As for the finish, it is very beautiful. It doesn't scratch all too easy from my pick, but the paint does chip easily.

Reliability & Durability Honestly, I would be afraid to drop this guitar. I don't know exactly what woods were used, but it feels very light, lighter than a guitar should feel at least. Something about it just seems hollow. When you tap on the back of the neck, it feels hollow, which leads me to believe that whoever cut the hole for the truss made a mistake. The hardware on the guitar is all average, I can tell it is lower quality but it hasn't affected my playing so far. The Floyd rose is solid, I can tell. If i played a show with this guitar, I would definitely bring a backup, because if I dropped this it would be dead.

Customer Support Have not used.

Liked about it The Floyd Rose is solid and stays in tune. Action is pretty good, not the best but I've definitely played worse. the finish looks nice as well, and if it were higher quality I would play it much more often.

Didn't like The sound and the fact that it was made out of cheap quality parts.

Overall satisfaction:

By alexmurphy
Jun 15, 2010
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Price: $329 to $329
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