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ESP LTD MH-250 Electric Guitar See-Thru Black

Musical Instruments

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A good start... but pickups let it down

Sound Agathis bodied, neck through with Floyd Rose Special and ESP branded EMG passives (I believe)..... the neck is a bit thicker then my other neckthru (an Ibanez RGT) and its a bit louder acoustically. However the ESP pickups are not very good at all. No warmth to them, quite sterile and no character. At a recent gig I managed to get the soundguy to compare this to my RGT42 (with an Evo2) and a Washburn KC90v (21 year old, with a Seymour Duncan JB). He said that compared to the other two, it was thin. The Washburn just won out against the RGT because it had a little more depth, but he said it was miles ahead of the ESP. I'm gonna put a V2 in the RGT (a big fan of the V2) and try the EVO2 in the ESP to see if it makes a great difference, otherwise I'll sell it...

Action, Fit, & Finish Setup from the shop was a little high, but soon brought back down... Hardware and finish were faultless, and the pickup balance seemed quite good. Three way switch with a push-pull tone pot for coil tap. From the shop, the pot's feel cheap. The tone pot, with its push-pull, is already loose and wobbles even though the nut is done up tight. The FR Special seems to be aok, and is cosmo black, but my acid sweat is already causing a little discolouring.

Flutters well and returns to tune well. But seriously let down by the pickups

Reliability & Durability Had the guitar for 6 months, and it seems ok finish wise. However in comparing it to the similarly priced RGT42, I would say go for the Ibanez every time - and I am not just saying that for Jemsite as I own roughly an equal split in Washburns and Ibanez. The ESP was an experiment because I've always fancied a George Lynch guitar and I wanted to see what the LTD's were like as my favourite GL model (the serpent) I've only seen in LTD's. They're ok, but they don't shine - if that makes sense

Customer Support Not dealt with, so sorry...

Liked about it 1) FR even though a special, seems good quality and holds tune well
2) neck thru, good upper fret access
3) beautiful flame matched black top

Didn't like 1) pickups. Terrible, terrible, terrible
2) feels cheap compared to the RGT42...
3) cheap and nasty pots

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By arykala
Apr 15, 2011
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