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Fender Deluxe Blackout Telecaster Electric Guitar Black

The Fender Blackout Tele features edgy black and chrome aesthetics, three vintage-style pickups, and 5-way switching. It's perfect for Telecaster fans seeking a modern Tele with a wide range of interesting tones. Modern and edgy, the Blackout guitar...

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Sound The sound is definately the classic twangy articulated sound you would probably expect when a Tele comes to mind. In a clean mode, using the middle or neck pickup, a slight chorus and delay bring the sound to life quite well. Full tone with warm lows, smooth mids, and vibrant highs. Slightly over driven, you get a classic "Texas Roadhouse" sound with great sound especially on lead parts.

Action, Fit, & Finish When I bought mine, it came new in the box with bubble rap. Tuning was off but I wasn't expecting it to be in given the circumstance. As for The action, it was probably 3mm high for my taste but that it easy to correct. The finish was brand new and flawless, though I will say that I wasn't extremely impressed with any of Fender's finishes as far as thickness and durable appearance are concerned. I've become used to Gibson and Ibanez finish traits and to me Fender isn't quite as good.

Reliability & Durability The guitar stays in tune quite well and the saddles lend to less string breaking at the bridge end. The toggle switch popped from time to time which led to a swap out with a Stew-Mac toggle...problem solved. I would and have relied on the guitar performance wise but it is vulnerable to fogg appearing in the finish as well as being extra vulnerable to temperature changes. Mine seemed to get what resembles the "Corvette Spider Crack" in the finish, but no deeper. Regular humidity, but 15F deg. temperature variation.

Customer Support Have never talked with Fender. N/A

Liked about it It's a classic sound that cannot be ignored. The neck profile fit for me just right for that body. My hands seem to last longer on that neck. Works great for clean or slightly pushed tones.

Didn't like Single coils aren't really my thing, though these held their own because I was not expecting a monster sound when I bought it. The toggle switch didn't last too long for me. Spider finish crack and foggy finish lead me to believe that Fender may cut costs in the finish quality (which doesn't affect tone...and that's what really matters)

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Nov 05, 2009
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