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Gibson Faded Flying V Worn Cherry

Musical Instruments

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Classic Gibson tone for under $1000! featured

Sound No matter what amp I tested this guitar on, be it my cheap Crate tube V18, or my Mesa Mark III; there is one thing that shines through remarkably well - this guitar ALWAYS sounded like a Gibson! Its clean tones were fat and warm, sounding classic and nothing short of what some may call perfect. It's the sound everyone's heard on countless numbers of their favorite records. The neck pickup is deep and inviting on clean tones, and when switching to gain can cascade from classic rock sounds that crunch with power or crush like a monsters footsteps. This is definitely an axe with authority! The bridge pickup is a good bit brighter, but doesn't lose hardly any of that bass presence. It has GOBS of harmonics and still remains thick and honkin' with enough gumption to play pretty much any style of music you can throw at it, its articulation is almost never lost through the highest of gain settings and fastest shredding (even without the high-end laquer featured on the more expensive Flying-V's). Warm jazzy cleans? All day long! Crunchy punch rhythms? ALL NIGHT LONG! Destructive heavy metal? Let you hair down and headbang!!! This axe has got it with the REAL Gibson name on the headstock for under $1k, and the unmistakable tone that an Epiphone won't touch and a LIFETIME WARRANTY that comes with the guitar...just can't be beat, rockers. Grab one and rock.

Action, Fit, & Finish The faded finish is kind of an instant attraction; without the high gloss lacquer on pretty much every other guitar, this one looks like its already seen the heat of battle for a good long while. The classic "V" shape is always an attention getter on stage (but takes a little getting used to playing sitting down; you have to let the guitar straddle you and play it neck up). The neck on the Faded-V is a medium combination of the usual fatter necked Les Paul's and the trimmer necked 60's classic profile - this pretty much makes it a perfect combination of fat tones and comfortable playing for those seeking a quick neck action and rich warmth from the neck. It's fast enough to sweep pick without being hindered when the action is lowered, and still sounds like a freight train when playing power chords. It doesn't go out of tune easily (I set mine up for 10's) though does require a little tuning every song or 3...

Reliability & Durability I bought this guitar to literally be a beater...that's right, I bought this guitar to abuse, and lo' and behold, no matter how hard I abuse this guitar not only will it not die, but the "faded" un-lacquered finish doesn't actually attract scratched, but kind of (very) slowly picks up a little bit of your hand oils and makes it looks more and more like it REALLY is a 1967 Flying-V...this guitar is unstoppable. It is simply amazing. The toggle switch gave me some problems once when the ring fell off from CONSTANT abuse (doing the killswitch technique), but I fixed it onstage. The neck, from picking up my hand oils, is actually more comfortable than when I bought it. I am simply in love with this axe.

Customer Support Gibson is a family for life. When you buy one brand new you get a Lifetime Warranty for a reason; because they have awesome customer support. Haven't had to have this one serviced, but if I ever do (unlikely), I'm sure they'll be cool and quick about it.

Liked about it 1) Classic Gibson tones for under a grand!
2) Sharp looks! (pun intended!)
3) Plays fantastic! Inspires you to play more.

Didn't like 1) Came with a gigbag; should have come with a hardcase for the money.

No complaints.

Overall satisfaction:

By SonicProvocateur
Dec 23, 2009
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A mean looking axe with a gentle soul featured

Sound My style of music ranges from metal to jazz and the occasional film score. My main amp rig is an Egnater Mod 50 with the Bassman and SL 2 modules into either a Mesa 4x12 cab or Marshall 4x12 cab. Speaker-wise. I use Celestion V30's or Celestion Greenbacks. My main effects are a Boss Giga Delay in the effects loop and a vintage MXR Phase 45. For strings, I use Daddario EXL 115's (.11's). This guitar is very misleading in terms out sound. I would have assumed that because of its shape, it might not sound especially that great; that it was meant to look good as opposed to sound good. But upon further investigation, I realized that it is almost shaped like a tuning fork. To my surprise, it's natural resonance is very obvious, especially when played unplugged. My main axe is a Gibson Les Paul Studio so that is my bench mark I use to compare all solid body Gibsons, To be honest I never fell in love with the higher output stock pickups. They were a little to harsh and bright for me. They sounded nice with heavy distortion, but the clean sounds were kinda plinky and flat. Plus the exposed bobbins just didn't do it for me in this type of guitar. So, I ended up swapping out the pickups for a Gibson 490R/ 498T set, the same as found in my Les Paul Studio. After the pickup change, the guitar sounds awesome. Now I feel that the clean and dirty sounds are both on par with my standards.

Action, Fit, & Finish Well, like I have said before, I work on all of my own guitars. I purchased this guitar used, but I can comment on Gibson's quality because the previous owner barely ever played the guitar. I don't see any glaring finish or construction flaws at all. I believe this is a 2005 year model, and I know that Gibson has been pretty hit or miss as of late. The frets look good, but they aren't perfect. I have set up the guitar with the amount of relief that I usually get good results from, and I still haven't really found the sweet spot for the bridge. It seems like there might be a couple iffy frets around the 8th to 10th fret on the G string. I seem to be fretting out a little there and my action isn't really that low. The finish work looks great; nice and even. When I swapped pickups, the soldering also looked great. Aside from some imperfect frets, this guitar was put together very well. One thing that might be a little weird for first time V players, is that the guitar rests on your body differently. The neck hangs naturally with much more of an upward angle and a little further away from the body. Sometimes it is hard to see what you are playing unless you physically move your head to look. This isn't a big deal to me since that is just the thing with this type of guitar, but I could see how it might bother some.

Reliability & Durability This guitar has proven to be very reliable. The finish has a nice thickness and the guitar seems pretty robust. I don't usually put my instruments in compromising situations, but it looks like it should be fine. I would certainly depend on it and gig with it, but not without a backup. I would never gig without a backup guitar. The hardware hasn't really worn much if at all. Everything looks great!

Customer Support Never had to deal with them.

Liked about it Great looks
Very good playability
Very resonant

Didn't like Hangs a little funny on the body
Stock pickups were a little bright
A couple iffy frets

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Dec 21, 2009
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