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Ibanez Artcore AF105 Hollowbody Electric Guitar Natural

Musical Instruments:Guitar:Electric:Right-Handed:Other

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Jazz box looks - big hot tones! featured

Sound Testing this big hot jazzer on both a Fender Blues Jr, a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and a Roland JC-120 (vintage) - the first thing that immediately caught me off guard was how hot the stock pickups were. The gorgeous flamed maple body resonates nicely producing a HUGE sound and even on low volume, gain, and presence settings I had to roll off the volume and tone to get jazz tones. The guitar liked to feedback with the controls wide open, and the bridge pickup was almost wildly uncontrolable. It is very bright with tons of output, but thankfully can be tamed easily with the volume knob. The neck pickup, by comparison is slightly lower output, with a more vintage sound, but still needed to be adjusted with the volume knob to tame feedback from the bodies natural brightness and resonance. The AF105NT has tons of booming bottom end thanks to is body design, a milky midrange and singing high end, making for a very balanced sound once properly dialed in.

Despite the incredibly high output pickups being combined with the entirely maple body, the guitar is still quite versatile for vintage tones and especially jazz. After some tweaking and messing with the controls it wasn't hard to find sweet spots where the resonant body wouldn't cause feedback. Also, unlike many Bigsby equipped semi-hollow bodies or other similar styled guitars that have a tendency to go out of tune do to their violin-styled bridges, the AF105NT even after constant playing did not; a definite plus.

The unplugged sound of this guitar is also very very nice! For blues and jazz players who like to play these guitars unplugged, you wouldn't be dissapointed! The AF105NT sounds deep and rich, with a pronounced treble, and all the natural acoustic properties a blues player looks for without that "plunky" or "flabby" sound (like a Gretsch). It retains clarity and articulation in the low end and holds its volume and natural projection, and can still fill a room with sound (although pushing for that sound can make the bridge want to throw off a little.)

Action, Fit, & Finish The entirely flamed maple body of the AF105NT caught my eye from the moment I laid eyes on it. In a field of very mundane looking semi-hollowbodies, the wood trimmings and gold hardware stands out a mile away. The abalone fret markers also are great to look at, whether jamming out or just letting the guitar sit around being eye candy. This is definitely one of the best looking jazz boxes I have ever seen!

The action is pretty good, allowing for good rhythm playing, but not fantastic for lead. Upper fret access is slightly hindered, so solo playing isn't really what this thing is made for. I found myself often trying to compensate on riffs once hitting the guitars huge heel, especially doing sweeps, jazz runs and solos. It's a shame too, because this things really sings all throughout its upper and lower octaves. Also the violin-style bridge makes this guitar a breeze to setup or change the action on in a snap - very convenient!

Reliability & Durability Most semi-hollowbody guitars should be case kept. They simply aren't made for the rigors of hardcore abuse like a solidbody guitar; while beautiful - they are not meant to be dropped or slammed around. Also their action is easily changed do to the nature of their bridge so the upkeep on the AF105 requires a little more attention. While I would gig this guitar, and maybe even do it it without a backup, I would definitely baby it.

Customer Support Ibanez always has great customer support.

Liked about it 1) Great jazz and vintage tones.
2) AMAZING looks.
3) Pretty versatile among a field of other semi-hollowbodies.

Didn't like 1) VERY hot pickups.
2) Upper fret access isn't that great.
3) Didn't come with a case.

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By SonicProvocateur
Jan 04, 2010
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